[A] Dark Endeavor 25M Late-Night LF You!

Dark Endeavor is a Late Night Raiding Guild on the Proudmoore PVE Server.
Our main focus is 25 Player Content. (all applicants must be 18 or older)

• We are Rebuilding our 25 Man Group and in preparation for patch 5.2 immediate core spots are available.

Now is the time to join us and raid in a 25 person environment!

who we are:
We are a group of raiders that play the game to enjoy ourselves, not add to our workload. We expect our raiders to perform at the top of their abilities, but we also work with and respect everyone. The goal of our guild is to see and conquer end game content on our schedule.

Raid Times:
Our raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9pm-1am PST (12-4am EST)

Current Class Needs:
Recruitment is Open

We are always on the lookout for great players and exceptional applications of any class will be considered!

1/16 Heroic
13/16 Normal

Loot system:
We use an open bid dkp system that earns you points for time spent in raids. ( Main before Offspec and weekly DKP Decay )

The kind of player we are looking for:
Our raiders push themselves to perform to the best of their ability and you'll be expected to do the same.

This includes:
• Knowing the mechanics of all fights and reading up on all encounters before any attempts are made.
• Maintain high attendance and consistency in performance, our guildies are committed to this guild.
• Good attitude in raids and out. We have zero tolerance for guild drama in any form! Know when to have fun and when to be focused on the task at hand.
• Be willing to be part of a community of raiders, for that is what DE is, our community.
• Do not stand in the fire. Seriously!

What you can expect from us:
• A competitive, laid back raid atmosphere.
• We play this game because it is just that, a game. About the only thing we truly take seriously are boss fights.
• We enjoy progression raiding, and our raid environment reflects that. In addition we keep a lean roster because we understand that no one likes sitting on the bench all of the time. however, we always strive for optimal raid makeup.
• We have a diverse group of raiders, and we are respectful of everyone.

Contact Information
If you're interested please Contact in game via Battle-Tag:

Feather#1184 (Feathrixx)
Dalya#1201 (Dalya)
Goldfish#1142 (Crystaline)
Gabrelle#1952 (Burgitte)

Feel free to check us out and apply at Darkendeavor.net
Thank you, Dark Endeavor.
all damage dealers are welcome :)
Hello World
Damage dealers are welcome :)
Hello World
Wanted: Dealers of Damage.
Hello World
Bump for old friends.
^ wave to old friends :)
/wave to new friends
Hey Enemyz!
Hey, I still love you guys hope you're doing well!
We are doing well! Thanks for asking :) How are you?
I'm alright just haven't been 100% I'm getting better though.

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