Prot paladin threat on the pull.

Recently I've been noticing my lack of snap threat for aoe, especially on specific fights like Lei Shi and Wind Lord. It wasn't noticeable in my last guild, but having recently joined a heroic progression guild, with the dps being better geared than what I'm used to, im having issues getting initial threat for those fights.

I consider myself to be an above average tank, and I don't believe my rotation is the issue.

Some examples:

Wind Lord pull: I can't just run up into the middle of everything and pop my aoe's in point blank range, due to the mobs being CC'd, so I rely on pulling things back to my location. What I really want to know is how can I be sure to get that snap threat on the mobs running at me after I've already used AS and Judgment?

Lei Shi protectors phase: With the amount of heals going around, as well as random aoe damage, I find it impossible to get threat on all the protector elementals in this fight. I end up having to resort to just waiting for my taunt to come off CD 3 times to pick up the 3 mobs that I didn't AS/Judge.

Now, my guild likes to prepot for most fights, even if they're not progression; and I understand that. I guess as a last resort I could ask them to hold off for a few seconds until I say go, but I feel like that's just asking for a handicap, which shouldn't be required.
Anyone? :<
Try throwing down lights hammer and glyphed consecrate where you will be tanking them before the pull on windlord
01/18/2013 01:39 AMPosted by Lump
Try throwing down lights hammer and glyphed consecrate where you will be tanking them before the pull on windlord

I do that, but I can't get more than 1 tick before the dps go nuts. I don't really want to ask them to wait for 4-5 seconds before dpsing because that's half of a prepot.
You're stacking Stamina like it's going out of style. If you want more threat you will have to sacrifice survivability for it.

I find Holy Prism to be a much better all around talent. Better snap aggro on trash and add fights when you self-cast it, awesome group heals when you're on a single target. Especially with high vengeance. The lower cooldown helps fill in holes in our queue, as well.

Are you pre-potting STR with wings on your pull?

I would start start by replacing the stam gems, then maybe the stam enchants. Try a more aggressive weapon enchant. Use DPS trinkets on farm content if you have to.
For Windlord, just have your hunter misdirect. Could also have your raid be near you or in a predictable spot so you can intercept any mobs going stray instead of having them go a bunch of different ways. No reason to waste a shield on a single mob...let them group up a bit as they travel and smack 3 of them with it. Holy Prism only hits 5 mobs...might be better utilized for it's 40 yard range as a single target pickup.

Lei Shi at least you have vengeance, and it's a much smaller area to deal with. Could again have people group up better during that part of the fight or get help with a misdirect.

(Do rogues still have their misdirect? They could help too, esp lei shi)
The upcoming consecration buff will help, but yeah I agree that wind lord especially is tough to maintain aggro in the first 20 seconds or so. Here's some actions I take on windlord:

use strength flask + food
pre-pot with strength potion
pop avenging wrath right as I'm pulling
use Clemency talent, and pop one Hand of Sanctity on our warrior about 3 secs into fight
use 2nd HoS on either rogue if he pulls, or again on warrior after 1st runs out if needed

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