LF 3rd for 3s 1600-1800+

demo/frost dk and warr/rdruid/hpally lf 3rd for arenas, we are well versed in different classes and are looking for a healer or dps, preferably someone who plays/can play multiple classes for different comps. must be vocal, not a rager, able to handle their weed if they are a stoner, and somewhat skilled. skype is a must. schedule is pretty flexible, mostly night time players.

message me in game for more info, or send in game mail.
Still looking for a 3rd, any viable class 1600+.

Hit me up in game for more info
Bumping this

looking to run feral/hunter/x or feral/hpally/x

also have lock/fdk and warrior/rdruid alts to run with

pst steriodqtlol/superswole or blueskynoise/aurastep or just send us a mail for our real IDs
Bump, looking for a healer or spriest for 3s

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