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01/18/2013 07:31 PMPosted by Mælstromedes
Issue is you can tell if its a compromised account or just someone botting because they're lazy.

No, actually YOU can't. Blizzard can and the result is the exact same...still none of your business what happens with that account.
Bots. Why should an automated program have privacy? An automated program is not an individual so why can't the Game Master notify us of actions taken against an automated account? Automated programs aren't protected by privacy laws so how does it make sense for the GM to not tell us if the bot was removed or not?

To be specific I'm speaking of accounts that are automated from start to finish.

How do YOU know its an automated account? Unless its your account or you have intimate knowledge, then you cant know. While Blizzard's privacy policy can be frustrating it DOES exist to protect the integrity of ALL accounts, not just the ones you approve of.
Alright, I think this one has come to an end.

Just one note on the option to change the characters name... a name change does not remove it from friends and ignore lists or guild and arena rosters. If altered the name itself will simply update.

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