8 year old gets advice about game industry

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Thanks teeth and ninetales.

And who knows what he is going to think at 12. ugh I am scared of the kids turning 12. He will be into girls. Teaching only when you love each other and are married or been together a long time. Prefer the married part. And don't get married until after college. :)
Same goes for my daughter, college first, then marriage. And guys will always say "I'm not like other guys." "I'm different and I love you."
Mordered, look up different companies before making the leap to Cali. There are so many companies that have games on their website and games to educate kids.
I got to the part where it said most game designers don't have degrees, and stopped... Yea, I know it went on top say that there are those with degrees in other fields. I remember reading somewhere that Ghost Crawler, himself, actually has a degree as an Ocean Biologist, or something to that effect.

But ya know, it really burns me up when I read about people with no training in the field landing positions, because they know someone on the inside...

Experience and Passion > Education. I'm in no way saying "don't go to school, its worthless" because it’s not. Education gives people a great starting point in the career of their choosing and will usually help you get your foot in the door.

That being said, most people that work for me do it out of sheer love and passion of the trade. Each one of them has a portfolio of projects that they’ve built on their own time and demonstrated their expertise beyond that of someone coming to me with just a bachelor’s degree or diploma.

In my experience, real game designer’s and developers are usually so passionate about what they do that they do it on their own time, build online communities and blogs, and design/build their own games.

I’m sure blizzard has a HUGE list of applicants and the flexibility of choosing exactly the right person to fit the role. Sometimes it might be the guy with the masters in mathematics, maybe it’s the guy who’s been 3d model designing in his mom basement for years, or maybe it’s even someone who’s worked through the ranks and proved him/herself time and time again. There’s something to be said for knowing the companies policies and fitting into their culture.

The truth is, without knowing exactly how these people got to where they did, you’re just generalizing that people with education MUST be better at their jobs than those without. You’re wrong.
This is somewhat true Kanpai. Passion and experience is required in many industries. Unfortunately most companies require a Bachelor's degree and x amount of experience in any given field. Having both gives a person the upper hand, as long as they can communicate well. Internships are an awesome way to get his or her foot in the door, but networking also contributes to a job seeker landing a job.

For me, I will graduate with my Bachelor's in Business, but I have recommendations for a teaching position in the county I work for. Teachers, Principals, and the school Board of Directors recommend me for a teaching license. I do have education, know somebody, and have 4 years experience teaching in the classroom.

For my kids, I support their decisions and hope they take my advice when they are older. Educating them now on different options, opinions, and skills will contribute to their success in the future.

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