8 year old gets advice about game industry

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01/09/2013 03:46 PMPosted by Rìghteous
Perhaps you should read my entire post in the other thread? But the fact is, the threads are copy/paste duplicates, regardless if they were originally posted in the same forum or moved later.

It's fine, relax. The threads were created at about the same time, and I just caught wind of the fact that there was a duplicate. I've since locked the other thread.

Now there's one, nice tidy thread that you can post in and enjoy.
I believe I posted in the API forums because I thought that was the right forum. A poster suggested creating a thread in general. General forum flopped . I didn't care where we got our answers, I'm just glad we received the feedback we needed.
Good job Ghostcrawler. It's much appreciated for you to help the future generation.
Much love to the blues and players that responded. I do appreciate the help and comments and I plan on acting on some of the advice.
When is Blizzard opening a HQ in Australia? The Australian government recently announced funding for game development companies based here (after THQ pulled out since they were losing money). I, too, would love to get into game development (started playing with lwjgl and java to get a feel for it) but there's almost no decent sized companies that will provide stable jobs in the game development field.
Big kudos to GC for his response on this topic
I know a lot of people rag on GC and Blizz in general for PR but, GC's write-up that Daxx posted, it melted my heart. Mucho props GC.
*Off-topic* When Ghostcrawler says that "blizzard is in a position where it can be really picky" on who it does and does not choose to hire etc, I think that puts all the threads about how "wow is dying" to rest. Only a very successful company can be in that position.

*On-topic* I like the point though, that if you desire to work in the industry you have to have a passion to share your ideas, and changes that you would make to the game to make it better. That's a no-brainer to me.
01/09/2013 05:49 PMPosted by Aayia
Much love to the blues and players that responded. I do appreciate the help and comments and I plan on acting on some of the advice.

I don't know much about game development, but since the interested person is so young... you might look into games with some design aspects built in. I recall spending hours and hours working on maps in Heroes of Might and Magic, StarCraft, or designing adventures in Neverwinter Nights and later NWN2. Mine were mostly for my family to play, but I know some people made some of such quality that they went on to do official work.

If you like the idea maybe someone can come up with a more recent game with similar features that your child might be interested in. I'm sure it wouldn't be the same as building a game from scratch. But being able to work within an existing set of mechanics has its own benefits. And you are still creating a story, quests for that story, creatures and items for it, etc... Then troubleshooting everything to get it bug free and still fun. And test it more, and more...

Again, I know its not game development. But I think its something they could get their feet wet with now while they work towards that goal. Just a thought. Good luck.
Trying to get into game design is extremely competitive. Its a gamble from what I've read, with far more talented people than there are places. Whatever he does, best to advise him to keep his options open and not to put all his eggs into one basket.
1. Kudo's on a mom who cares.
2. Best of luck to the kid!
3. Wow, Dev's dont have time to address issues that they get paid to address, but they can stop and /Cast Stroke Own Ego?
Aww <3

So cute
This thread in many ways has touched my heart... The 8 year old that os a;readu tring to make goals for himself, the community giving there thoughts on it, and the blues(to include ghostcrawler) taking a interest in this. I hope this 8 year old gets what he wants and needs when he gets to that age. It sounds like he already has great parents that will support his goals, and that is just so important.
01/09/2013 06:57 PMPosted by Hatesyou
that os a;readu tring to

What happened there? Fingers-on-keyboard malfunction? Blacked out as a space alien temporarily? Tried to drink something and type at the same time?

o, i got a new laptop, and i am not used to the keyboard at all, and i sadly did not proofread my stuff, i am sorry for that

What i meant was i am happy to see a 8 year old trying to make goals for himself,
As stated above, this field is very competitive. IMO, getting a computer science degree (with co-op) is the best way to go. If you are a high schooler, and like working with computers, I would recommend it from experience. It goes beyond just programming and will give you great experience for when you hit the work force.

You really need a piece a paper now a days if you want a job. Claiming you played since Vanilla and have all the realm first's and have ideas on how to bring vanilla back won't get you the job.
Personally I'd really wonder why the work-life balance expectations are for Blizzard. IT in general has a bad habit of "great candidate" meaning "has no life outside of the office". I've heard some pretty scary stories about other companies, and it's enough to keep me from wanting to pursue that segment of the industry.
I'm glad to see a mother taking good care of her son's growth, even at his young age.

I base the following opinion in my years of experience in diverse industries as an engineer and six sigma/Process intelligence proffesional.

Mr Ghostcrawler shared quality of advice there, pointing out the general profile you must have in order to be competitive in this industry: skills, experience, education, career.
He also provided an overview of the work enviroment experienced in this industry, hiring chances and competition.

These are some facts any student should investigate about their own career choices before enrolling in college, but only few are wise enough to do it.

Koodos to the mom and Mr GC.

Keep it up kid!

When you dream big, be ready to work hard for it!

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