Challenge mode set IMO worst DK set in game

Death Knight
I want challenge mode gear, my guild even wants me to tank them but I find the DK set to be one of the worst looking sets I have ever seen, which drives me away from wanting to do challenge modes at all.

Anyone else with me on this?
I completely disagree.
depends on the race. I really wanted the gear back when I was a tauren, but since changing to dwarf I just don't really want the gear as bad. I still really enjoy CMs though and will probably go back to finishing the golds once progression is over. Still 3 bosses to go before we can get into the PTR and start the process all over again :P
The helm silliness. I hate the belt, too. The rest of it is pretty shiny though. You're aware of the animations it has, right? Those are really the selling point, you can't just look at a picture of it.
I really like it, granted I feel the color selection could be better, I still like it very much.
01/05/2013 08:32 PMPosted by Mighella
I really like it, granted I feel the color selection could be better, I still like it very much.

That tote's wouldn't work out with difference colors.
Ya, it's too bright, it's ok for a frost set but doesn't look right as UH or Blood.

And ya, the animations solidify it even more as the frost set.
It's a status symbol like every other cosmetic item in this game.
I want it. I wouldn't show the helm, but I want it.
Yeah I disagree. The set may not be as "evil" as one would expect for a death knight, but the amount of detail Blizzard put in the set, including the special effects that occur during the casting of certain spells makes it more than attractive enough for me to want to do challenge modes. The helm design, the flat vent lines that point to the floor, could be tweaked a little bit so it seems to conforms to the shape of our faces (one way or another) rather than looking like it's smashing my orc's nose which would probably make him talk funny as one would with a smashed nose. o.O It's a small gripe, but I like the set overall.
now the warlock set, i'd be gold x9 months ago if it looked anything as cool as that
It's definitely not *great*, but I wouldn't say it's bad, either. I do like that it's noticeably brighter than most of our sets, but having the Yak horns and fur kinda throws it off. Personally, I would have hoped to get Arthas's exact armor as a Death Knight, complete with the sapphire-inlaid belt, the short-sleeve "scale-mail shirt", and those *MASSIVE* furry boots!
I love the dk challenge mode set. Which is why I'm slowly working away at them. Admittedly, I'll probably transmog the acherus knight's girdle over the belt though.
I do like some of the other set a lot more, like the druid set for one.
our sets not bad if you hide the gate face imo =)
The set is awsome just for the reason almost no one has it and most never will. It does look best on taurens though. If you really want something to complain about look at the shaman set.
I like it because it only has 4 skulls compared to the 42+ skulls on each of our tier sets.
When I first saw it on MMO champion I was a bit discouraged. However, being a transmog nut myself (I have every DK tier set in the game)... It is without a doubt the best they've ever released. Not only does it manage to have a death knight style to it, but it manages to do this without skulls on the shoulders and helmet.

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