<Divine Vigilance> 25m LFM Healers and DPS

<Divine Vigilance> Is a 25man Raid Guild That Use to Raid back in WOTLK! We were Server top 5 on Sargeras (High Pop) throughout the "WHOLE" expansion. We have recently reformed and are continuing to run as a 25 man guild and are in Dire need of some exception Healers (Monks Druids or Paladins) and Expecptional DPS... We are Currently 15/16 Regular With only 2 weeks of 25 man raiding Through holidays so was tough to Continually fill raid up... We plan on becoming Top 5 server again and if your interested in joining just visit us at DivineVigilance.com and fill out an app.. Put that you saw post by Hotdeath or Kitty!!!! You will then be contacted by an officer and we will take it from there :)!!
Hope to see some new players in my guild :) <3!!!!
We have GIRL RAIDERS :O!!!

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