Druid Looking for a Raiding or Active Guild

Hello. I've just come back to the game after not playing for a couple years and I'm in need of a guild. I would love to start raiding but would prefer an active friendly guild if I cannot find one that is raiding. I'm in the process of collecting gear from heroics for each spec and am open to playing as whatever might be needed. I prefer raiding as resto or feral dps but I've had experience raiding as each spec up to mop. Please send me a message in game or leave one here if you might have a spot for me.
Hi there Terionx, I'm Bromforge from the guild "Dark Guardians". We are a small but friendly family guild. We just started (co-op) raiding with another guild but would like to expand our ranks so we can raid as a whole guild and not have to rely on another guild. We would love for you to try us out and see if you would like to be part of the family. We like to run random heriocs and scenarios, so we could help with the collecting of better gear for you. If you're interested please contact Krugg, Camari, Starletta, or Bromforge (thats me).

Below is our website, feel free to check us out


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