Silent Hedgehog-- still bugged?

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While there might be a chance for the hedgehog to spawn as rare quality, I noticed that all of the ones in the zone seemed to spawn with only two or three variations at a time, depending on location.

Today for instance, all of the ones on the western side of the zone were poor quality accompanied by two poor quality emperor crabs. The ones on the eastern side were all uncommon, with a common clouded hedgehog, and a poor amber moth.

Is this intended?
Most of the zone spawns on server reset match do to a time issue, the up side is if you find a rare they will likely be tons of rares. It does spawn in rare quality now it is just a huge pain as it a primary only spawn and shares spawns with the much more common clouded variety.
Keep trying my friend. I know they are out there but I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes when I hit a zone there are so many identical set ups. Tuesdays are the worst.
They are definitely out there but yes, a lot of large quantity spawns work in that way where there are a few similar combinations from restarts. Clear out the zone and different ones will start popping up. It is difficult for the tide of rarities to change when nobody is really there farming the pets anymore so they stay quite static from server restarts. The more people in there killing, the more likely the spawns start to vary.

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