What is the current state of Ret PVP

PuG RBGs for a day, see if someone takes you for any progression besides weekly cap - even full malevolent and with achivs/long time experience on PVP. Do the same for any x3 to go further than 2k.

OK, now that you have failed, study all the class, do all the math. Now learn and do it for all the other classes also. You'll see some interesting stuff.

Then you come to the foruns, all of them. AJ, MMO Champ an here. Read all the posts regarding Ret. Do this for a YEAR. Things have been like this since early Cata and now it's only worse. Even Vanguards the hope for "It's possible to compete on ranked PVP as Ret" says it's not bearable anymore.

Then you formulate a lot of analysis and see a lot of people doing the same with proof that things must be done. Hoping they'll realise and fix for 4.2, then for 4.3, then some changes for MoP NICE! Hope! But still worse, so, hope for fixing and things getting better for 5.0, then you realise it's in the same place or worse, so 5.1 WILL fix it. It's obvious, Blizz will do something about it. There's almost no Ret for any ranked PVP, people just demands you reroll Holy, it's crystal clear Ret must change to be desirable for PVP as almost every other spec is. But then on 5.2 still nothing. Blizz says it's fine. They buff other specs that were on the same spot as your tough.

See if you're going to hate paladins like me, or you'll just get to the same over you patience limit point too.

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