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Wyrmrest Accord
Direhunt is a Disability-Friendly, RP-encouraged guild on Wyrmrest Accord.

The idea came about because our GM, Skegg, noticed that of our original few members, only one or two didn't have some sort of disability. From there, it grew into the ideal of being a place where people with disabilities, as well as their friends, family, or just friendly people who'd like to get to know us, can level, run dungeons, and eventually raid, without being forced into the often hellish schedules set by heavy progression guilds.

So, if you're disabled, friendly, or just curious about people who are, feel free to come say hello!

Guild rules are pretty basic at the moment:

1. Proper English and punctuation, to the best of your ability, is preferred. NO "L33tsp3@k" is allowed.

2. We want active members. This doesn't mean you have to sign in every single day, but at least once a week would be nice.

3. Treat each other with respect. This guild, above all, wants to gain a reputation of being friendly and helpful. That said, there will be personality clashes, but please, TRY to keep things at least civil.

4. Realize that our GM, Skegg, doesn't really believe in limiting speech, so topics of discussion are open to EVERYTHING (including politics and religion). The only rules for this are to treat each other with respect, and never attack the PERSON. Only ever attack the points they bring up.

5. For the above reasons, we really do prefer NOT to have underage kids in the guild. However, with the proper demonstration of maturity and grasp of English, there can and probably will be eventual exceptions made to this rule.

Read more: http://direhunt.proboards.com If you like what we're about, join the forum or contact one of us in-game.
Bump for new description
*bumps with his support*
Thanks, Civardi. Means a lot, man. We're really trying to get people so we can do some good RP events.
I don't really know these guys but they sound like great people.
I do know these guys and they are great people.
Thanks. I've been trying to keep a pro-great-people vibe going when I'm on. I know the wife does her part too. :)
I want to bump this for you guys. I read a few of your threads.

As someone who has MS, I have a good idea of how difficult everyday things can be, let alone playing a game. It is encouraging to see those like you.
Thanks for the support! It'd be more encouraging for people to join us :P
If I had any hordies, I would! However, I don't on this server and all my slots are filled :(
I didn't mean you, specifically. I don't want to seem like I'm trying to gain members from guilt. If people happen to see us and like what we're doing, an alt in the guild wouldn't go amiss, you know?
Bumps for the Hunt!
I understand. I didn't feel guilty, though I felt the need to answer.

*sends good luck vibes*
Thanks guys. It wouldn't be the worst thing if "bumps for the Hunt" became the bump slogan of Direhunt :P
By the way, after reading one of the other recruitment posts... If Weebliz would like to chat to someone who shares the same condition, he can feel free to chat with me.

(free bump, hehe!)
01/18/2013 12:08 AMPosted by Kaltokk
I don't really know these guys but they sound like great people.

They are great people... my orc is in the guild...
Thanks Sand :)

I'll let Weeb know, Sareen.
Blows Skegg a huge kiss
It smells like raw meat.
LMAO... I used a breath mint

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