14/14 5 year Guild - LF Exceptional DPS

Area 52
Guild Name:

US-Area 52

Web Page:

Raid Times:
Wednesday, Sunday and Monday-
8:00pm to 12:00pm server EST.


We are looking to bolster our ranks and have more people on at all times, in case we need to switch people out to optimize the raid composition. With that being said, raid spots are earned not given, so if you out perform our current raiders with a consistency of being online and not dying to fire then the raid spot is yours to get.

About Us:
We are currently 14/14 SoO. We are committed to team work and strive as a guild as a whole and not based on individuals. Case in point we are as strong as our weakest link so we encourage everyone to do their best in raids.

What We're Looking For:
-On time
-Provides constructive criticism, thoughts and suggestions
-Maintain all raid nights (can be flexible with prior notice)
-Have a positive attitude, and thrive in a Raid atmosphere

We are motivated guild looking to accomplish big things this expansion, and we are hoping to have you along for the ride.

App online at www.signatureguild.com/vindication and if you have any questions feel free to speak with an Officer in game at anytime.

Kaldrea - Guild Recruitment Officer - Real ID: Kaldria@comcast.net
+ boomkin!
i would be very interested, i added both your real id's. Look forward to to talking to yall
Thanks for all the requests so far! We still need some people! Feel free to email any questions :D
:) Still looking
Hi kelly!
id be interested.
Public service announcement to let you know you spelled 'exceptional' wrong.

Edit: Original Header was shortened originally. Although I must say, you did miss a punctuation error in my main body of the post. I fixed that for you.
Edit for Raid needs :)
Up for DPS
Still need a Core Tank!
Still need a perma tank :D
Still interviewing tanks.. haven't found the right one yet :D

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