Gear and Gems enchants ect.

i don't know if you can view what my toon has equipped but if you can, i need help as to what i'm doing wrong beside not having gems or any good enchants my dps is lacking greatly and Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

That has all the information you need, after you read it and follow it's advice you should be able to ask more specific questions.

I also suggest two addons, first CLCRet to help you get a feel for the rotation and to track Inquisition for you and second Reforgelite as it will make reforging painless and already has an accurate preset for Retribution.

Never use the Immediate Truth glyph, it's a loss in damage, the Cons glyph isn't doing anything for you in Ret either.

One of your bigger problems is just plain old gearing up, so get to chugging on getting better gear.

Wearing a mix of Holy, Prot and Agility gear is killing you too. Again the guide I linked you is what you need.
Thanks a lot this should really help!
I also have the Ret pally addon you were talking about ive been using that for a while but i did not know about the other one thank you!
You are very welcome.

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