[A] <Order of the Golden Hawk> For Lordaeron!

Moon Guard
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Posted on message boards, posts, and shouted among the squares where those gather. Fliers were posted, with a golden hawk just above the text.

Those who hide away from the Shadow -- those who shrink with fear as the New Scourge invades your land -- those who wish to take up the blade; know that you are no longer alone. There are many evils in this world, and the Shadows of the North loom over us, even today. Desperate men and women continue a valiant fight against the Forsaken -- now considered the New Scourge -- in the North.

Everyday, the New Scourge advances on land, water, and even in the sky against the defenseless. Where once the land was lush and green, full of life and crops, is now dreary, dead, and corrupted. Where men and women raised their children in comfortable homes, are now lifeless and gone.

This war has taken so much from us. It has taken Darrowshire, it has taken Stratholme, is has taken Stormgarde. It has taken sons and daughters of Lordaeron, Gilneas, and Stromgarde. It has dimmed the Light when we need it most.

But it has left us with legends. Do you recall when Sir Aelric Gallahad boldly held the line against the endless Scourge as citizens of Lordaeron fled across Thoradin's Wall into Stromgarde? Or how Saint Eldanesh conquered Naxxramas? Or perhaps when Sir Alekander the Iron-jawed charged the field with twenty men at his back, not knowing if reinforcements were going to come?

These heroes, these legends are looked upon in times of darkness and need of hope. They fill men and women who would once doubt with courage. But the lines are thinning. The Cause is losing fuel.

The Order of the Golden Hawk has formed in order to take the fight to the Shadow. The Shadow in the North can no longer be so bold to attack our people. Its masters, the Forsaken and Horde, shall soon hide in the shadows in order to stay away from the Light; the Light shall hold us!

War takes from us. But it leaves us with legends, it leaves us with heroes.

And heroes never die.
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The <Order of the Golden Hawk> is a paramilitary Order whose loyalty lies with Lordaeron and the House of Andro. It's ranks are based are similar to the Knights Templar, in that Knighthood is revered, Sergeants make up the non-knighted soldiers, and the Clergy holds the Priests.

The Order is the retinue to Lord Throstan Andro, and is sworn to the House of Andro and the County of Ravenwood. The Order's main goals are the eradication of the Forsaken, the pacification of the Horde, and the freedom of Lordaeron.

The <Order of the Golden Hawk> is different from previous established guilds and organizations in lore in different ways:

- The Order takes a hardline approach to recruitment: only Humans, Dwarves, Worgen and High Elves may join the Order.

- The Order takes a historical influence from the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller.

- The Order does both DND events and Rp-PvP

- The Order has many storylines, and is inclusive of players across all levels

- The Order has an in-house Mercenary Company called the Weighted Blades. In addition to those who can join the Order in full, they also taking Shaman and Druids. They also take in Night Elves.

The Order of the Golden Hawk deals with both secular and worldly allies.

Ecclesiastical allies include:
Clergy of the Holy Light

Secular allies include:
Blood of Lordaeron
Arathorian Coalition
House Sunwhisper

-The Grand Master

--The First Sword

---The Champion

----The Captain

-----The Honor Guard

------The Veteran

------- The Sworn Sword

-------- The Follower


Lord Throstan Andro (Throstan)




Alladran Swiftmantle, the Blackwolf (Alladran)
Ofillia Delligatti, the Shadow (Ofillia)



Davrin Wallcroft (Wallcroft)




THE KNIGHTS - The Knights make up a small portion of the Order; revered with special privileges and often called 'High Brothers and Sisters', they form the heavy cavalry of the Order. This strong branch consists of men and women who have been born both high and low in their Kingdoms. Headed by the Knight-Captain, they are often gallant in battle and prefer to die than be captured.

Current Knight-Captain: Vacant

THE CLERGY - As a Lightsworn Order, we are nothing without the support of the Church. The Clergy is filled with Chaplains, who are ordained Priests that have the support of the Church. They are typically trained in the ways of the Light, but by no means are they as high as the Bishops.
Where the Knights are the sword in which strikes the enemy, and the Sergeanty is the armor which protects the body, the Clergy provides spiritual attunement which protects the mind. They are led by the Head Chaplain.

Current Head Chaplain: Vacant

THE SERGEANTY - The rank and file of the Order, these typically low-born men and women make up the non-knighted, non-ordained foot, archers, light cavarly, magi, and those who work in professions rather than in weapons or magic. A large percentage of the Order stands within the Sergeanty, which is headed by the Master of Arms.

Current Master of Arms: Davrin Wallcroft

THE WEIGHTED BLADES - The hired mercenaries that the Order employs, they are a mercenary company created specifically to aid the Order in its endeavors. The mercenaries are allowed to employ Night Elves, along with Druids, Shaman, and Death Knights.

The Weighted Blades takes inspiration from the Turcopoles -- locally recruited mercenaries in order to act as the light cavalry of the various Crusader Orders and armies.

Current Mercenary Captain: Sir Hershel Greyson
Races accepted
High Elf
Night Elves - Sellswords only

Classes accepted

Shaman, Druids, and Death Knights will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, or as Sellswords.

Warlocks that manage to hide the fact that they are warlocks will be accepted, but there is no telling what might happen if they are discovered.

Order Allies:
Blood of Lordaeron
Arathorian Coalition
Quel'Athillien(House Sunwhisper)
Clergy of the Holy Light

If you wish to join the Order, contact Throstan/Durinin/Mikhal, Alladran, Ofillia/Murph, Branor,Wallcroft or Greyson.
Joke's on you, Ferenold.

Joke's on you, Ferenold.


Well played sir.
01/12/2013 10:43 PMPosted by Ferenold

01/12/2013 10:44 PMPosted by Tadkins
Well played sir.

It takes skill to be good at forums.
01/12/2013 10:39 PMPosted by Throstan
only those who revere the Light may join.

Does that include Kobolds? They seem to have a thing for candlelight...
hi guild
For the Order.
For the Order.

Chris Meloni is going to headbutt you now.
Order of the Golden Caw- I mean Hawk.
Kept your seat warm for ya. :)
The faithful Lightsworn continue to exist. Continue to thrive. The Shadow may take our land, they may corrupt it, they may destroy its buildings and holdings...

But they can never kill its hope.
The faithful Lightsworn continue to exist. Continue to thrive. The Shadow may take our land, they may corrupt it, they may destroy its buildings and holdings...

But they can never kill its hope.

The faithful Lightsworn continue to exist. Continue to thrive. The Shadow may take our land, they may corrupt it, they may destroy its buildings and holdings...
But they can never kill its hope.

too bad I crippled Hope.

01/13/2013 12:04 PMPosted by Luchena
too bad I crippled Hope.

I don't get it.

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