Confused help please.

recently got back into the game i want a class that can heal and dps. which between paladin monk shaman and druid is gonna be best for pve/pvp. i arena with a frost mage which goes best with my brothers mage so we can do well. i also want a class that can pve well. thanks again.
Please don't bump your thread 10 minutes after you post it. It is still on the front page.

Posting here, most people are going to tell you that a Paladin, specifically Ret isn't that good in PvP, and they did take quite a hit after the recent combination of PvP Power + Battle Fatigue changes.
In the next 5.2 ptr build, PvP power will benefit healing again, but 25%.
This applies to most classes that can offheal, like Elemental, like Enhance, and should help them out quite a bit.

With that being said, Ret is known for its offhealing, and it has good offhealing + utility, but it isn't nearly as strong as it was in the past, so don't be disappointed if you choose to go this route. We totally need more paladins whining about how bad we are, changes are a comin'

Windwalkers seem to be doing pretttttty good on the PTR, as far as their offhealing capability, really can't comment on that. I would keep up to date on the changes, but they seem to be much better than they are currently.

It is important that if you are choosing a class, especially for Arena, you know what changes are going to be coming to that class, Ret / Holy itself is not seeing much change at all.

Druids cyclone is going to DR, and is on a 30s cd for Feral druids.

You can see plenty of changes, and the PTR is still early, so I would keep up to date with it, and possibly do some testing. It is to early to say what is going to be the best, and this is extremely hard for PvP. It's not going to be long until those changes take effect.
A priest would be your best bet for dps while having a heal spec. But I hear thier heals are kinda garbage atm. Or maybe it was thier survivability? I don't remember... all i know is, discs aren't as op as they were in cata.

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