[A] <KGB> 1/13H Recruiting Tank/DPS!


<KGB>'s is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for the kind of players who strive to be among the best in their class. A number of our players rank consistently and we're looking for players who strive to do the same. If you're the kind of player that has been carrying their 10-man or 25-man group we want to hear from you!

Raid Times

Weekday 25-man
6PM-10PM Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Weekend 10-man
7PM-11PM Friday and Saturday
5PM-9PM Sunday

All times are listed server time (Pacific Standard Time)


Weekday 25-man
Tier14N: 16/16
Tier14H: 6/16
ToTN: 12/12
ToTH: 1/13

Weekend 10-man
Tier14N: 16/16
Tier14H: N/A
ToTN: 12/12
ToTH: 0/13


Applicants should be mature players with a stable internet connection and a dedication to raiding. We're especially interested in those who will be able to make raids consistently and who research the encounters beforehand. We use mumble for our raids and having a mic is preferred but not necessarily required.

Weekday 25-man
We're currently in the process of rebuilding our 25. We're looking for a few DPS to help keep our roster healthy and to replace any players who don't pull their weight.

Preferred Classes:

Brewmaster Monk*
Blood DK

Resto Shaman***
Mistweaver Monk***

Windwalker Monk***
Shadow Priest*
Feral Druid**

Weekend 10-man
Our weekend raiding group is officially starting their heroic progress in Throne of Thunder. We're looking to acquire some dedicated players who take raiding on the weekend seriously!

Preferred Classes:

Prot Paladin**
Prot Warrior*

Holy Paladin*

Unholy/Frost Death Knight**
Fury Warrior**
Arms Warrior*

*** Denote demand for classes

Contact Info

If you're interested in applying to the weekday 25man group please add Slayorious#1470, Wotsabacon#1498 to BattleTag and speak us in person. For the weekend 10man add Slayorious#1470, or Raani#1521 to BattleTag.
Changed the recruitment thread to reflect new desires in classes. One spot down one to go.
Bump. Still interested in a lock/hunter/boomie. Also beginning recruitment for a second 10 man raid for those that can't make the main raid.
Bump. Recruitment is now opened for a second 10 man raiding group. All classes will be considered although spots have been filling up quickly. Check the main post for more details.
Bump. Spots are filling fast. The second group's first raid will likely be taking place this week.
Recruitment updated to reflect current needs of both groups in preparation for 5.2
Bump. We're going to be entering Throne of Thunder tonight. Some of us tried it out yesterday and our recruitment page has been updated to reflect our new desires for our guild going forward.
Slay, sup bro! You made your own guild? Should come Horde :)
Slay, sup bro! You made your own guild? Should come Horde :)

Can't believe you transferred factions :O

Also, made changes to the main post to reflect our current recruitment needs! Especially interested in those leveling and casual PVEers with a decent amount of skill.
Updated guild progression to reflect this week's progress so far
Updated progress for group 2 and changed our recruitment to reflect the fact that we are looking for one more to join our weekday raid group.
Healer is what we're mainly after right now for our core raid. Changed recruitment to reflect it.

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