[H] <Riff Raff> 12/12 ToT LF Hunter/Healer

Hello Stormreaver!

About Us

<Riff Raff> is a guild founded in the midst of T14 progression. We are made up of players whose experience covers most expansions and raid tiers. We look for strong players who like to enjoy their time raiding, and kill some big monsters while doing it.

5/6HM MSV 16/16 Normal t14.
12/12 Normal ToT

Raid Info

We use Mumble for voice chat, and distribute loot via Suicide Kings.

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday from 10pm to 1am Server Time (CST).


Our recruitment process is pretty laid back. It will most likely consist of you whispering us in game, you getting in mumble with us to chat, and a trial run through some farm content.

1 Hunter

We are NOT currently recruiting for any other raid spots. However, there are cases quite often where core raiders need to be away for real-life commitments. We encourage skilled players who want some experience in a group of quality raiders to contact us and join!

Archarus (Battletag: Arch#1177), Catslolcats, Abulurd, Drfullpants or any other raid member.

Thanks! Have a good one everybody!
Archarus is really bad. You should make sure to contact me instead of him.

Also, we're 16/16 normal, and 1/16 hm.
do you guys bring the rice out?
01/22/2013 07:33 AMPosted by Deadlifts
do you guys bring the rice out?

Not lying, I had to google that.

No sir, we haz flank steak. No rice.

Bump for HM Feng down.
Bump! Looking for members of all levels who want a new home as well!

Our guild tabard is a red lawn gnome. Do you need more?!
Bump for friends
01/30/2013 02:39 AMPosted by Xelaeno
Bump for friends

even me!?
01/30/2013 02:39 PMPosted by Sephyxia
Bump for friends

even me!?

sure why not i learnt to love :D
Still recruiting. If you whispered and I accidentally didn't respond, a shiny object had distracted me. I iz sorry.
Bump for nerfs to Horridon and Council...join us for a likely 4/12 tonight!
Solid raiding guild. get it while the gettin's good.

p.s. dont make me bring the rice out...
Tank spot filled!

Council Down!

Looking for more members of all levels / classes / specs to come hang out!
Bump, looking for a strong healer (resto sham/holy pally). High expectations on the caliber of player we are taking.
Bump for maintenance!
Bump, where the heals at?
Bump, and here to sign autographs
Bump we need a healer plox
Bump for teh Blood DKz

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