ai li will heal to full HP in less that 40 second if the spell is not interrupted and the only priest interrupt is 45 second cool down making it impossible for us to solo ai li.

every time i want to farm her for her item i need to call a guildy with a 10 interrupt, dont change priest change the cd on her heal
You can, just maybe not in bad gear.
I can solo it... even as disc.. o.O
Hooray for blood elfs and our 2nd interrupt.
start the fight as normal but dont use any cooldowns or shadow orbs, she will always heal after the first crane kick..let that heal go off. now blow everything you can and do as much dps as possible, use silence to interupt the next heal. By then she should be low enough you can kill her before she heals again....even if she does heal again and its not to full you can just keep goin till your interupt is up again.
Solo'd her about an hour ago, basically did what Rose did.
I don't know guys; he said it in all Caps so it must be true.
Arcane Torrent FTW.
Nope I can't solo the bastard. Our silence is the only thing I can use on my Worgen Priest and I followed Rosedasilva's strategy. I would have to assume that you need better gear like Nixxe said before attempting to solo her.
soloed as a shadow priest .. all you need is time ..
1-keep your dots up all the time
2-just before spinning kick refresh your vampiric embrace and shadow word:pain .. divine insight will trigger and you can use instant MB and DP while running away ..
3-DON't let her use "chi burst " .so manage your range ..
4-you can pass first heal .. use your silence just in time ..
5- to avoid spinning kick, send your pet .. she'll stop while doing her kicking for a little while ..

*I had a flask and 476 ilvl (pve ).. takes some time but you can kill her . a crappy blue dropped btw ..

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