[H] <CRIMSON> 11/14H SoO 25m Recruiting!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Hello oceanic friends,

Crimson is currently recruiting capable raiders to come in strong and dominate in 5.4.
If you prefer to have some sort of normal life during progression raiding, enjoy a friendly and fun atmosphere but also pride yourself on your in game prowess and dedication, then Crimson is exactly where you want to be.

<Crimson> is by no means your standard, boring progression guild. Based in Australia, we raid almost half the hours of most 25man guilds and hold the #1 25man rank on Caelestrasz. That will always be our goal - competitive raid progression without the countless hours of head bashing demanded by less capable guilds.


Current Progression

11/14H Siege of Orgrimmer


T15 Progression

13/13H Throne of Thunder


Raid Times

WED 7.30 - 10.30pm
THURS 7.30 - 11.30pm
SUN 7.30 - 11.30pm
Total Hours: 11

All times are AEST


On occasion, there will be a non obligatory Monday night 10m raid in order to clear out any content that has been left untouched.

We are also have a casual alt raid on Monday nights for those who are interested in additional raiding.

If you're the social type and you live on the East-Coast of Australia, we also have semi-regular meet ups for drinks/ridiculous antics in Melbourne and Sydney.


High Priority

  • Warlock
  • Restoration Durid
  • Boomkin
  • Rogue
  • Hunter
  • Mage

  • Low Priority

  • -

  • If you are not on this list but believe you are an exceptional applicant feel free to apply. All applications submitted will be looked over thoroughly, as we are always looking to strengthen our roster.

    To apply now visit our guild website http://www.wearecrimson.com

    For further information you can contact any of our officers in game
    Taita, Konoko, Corixa, Yuna, Methyl
    Or you can contact our GM directly via real-id taitaofcrimson@gmail.com

    We look forward to your application.
    Bump for H Amber Shaper
    LF capable healers :)
    And strong wizards ^^
    Lf ret pally apprentice to take under my wing.

    Also need other not ret pallies
    Need a spriest?
    Short answer, yes.
    Good night oceanic friends!
    LF warrior pal, please don't be !@#$.
    LF for a Resto Druid friend
    posted and not sure what my temp password is :( my new forum account on crimson is beauty, worth a try hehe
    Going to get a haircut :)
    Bump H Lei Shi down :)
    Bump for farm nights
    LF a Resto Druid
    LF capable Healers ^^
    Shek prog tonight ^.^

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