[H] <CRIMSON> 11/14H SoO 25m Recruiting!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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LF warrior pal, please don't be crap.

LF H Pallies and R Druids!
Hpally here ilvl 487 i havnt done any heroic progression yet but i know fights

Vizion#1852 message me if interested
Recruiting prot warriors? want to main change in 5.2 ....16/16 normal ......main is 12/16 heroic i can tank heroic on my warriors no problem. RyanC#1745 add if you have interests 492ilvl
I believe we just accepted a prot warrior so we are not actively looking for one at this point.
LFM friends
Free bump for my man Sauce! Still looking for that Boomy aye :P
dem boomy's are the rarest of wizards
Seriously want another paladin, tired of taking all the glory for them sick bops
Driuds and Holy Pallies were are you?
Yuna's a lonely panda in dire need of some trees that create tranquility for all and paladins that glow gold
Corixa #1 Resto shaman world.
WTB a Resto druid or two
Bump for Resto Druids!
Still looking for a fury warrior?

This amazing one may be looking for a new home shortly.

Visit our website and send us an application :)
6/16H (10 man) 497 mistweaver currently seeking a raid after a disband. btag - corion#1729
Drooood where are you!
Also can not wait for Sunday! ^^
Bump for H Shek'zeer

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