[H] <CRIMSON> 11/14H SoO 25m Recruiting!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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02/09/2013 02:04 PMPosted by Yunaesta

dat name
Me 504 ilvl with ele sham [could go enhance], Frost DK and H pally all looking for a guild.

MY story:

I am the GM of a 10/16 HM guild that just fell apart. We lost 6 members in 1 week all of which just straight up quit the game. please up me up on real ID and have a chat Messiah#1566
Bump for H Protectors!

Fun fact: I made some killer pasta today.
H Tsulong prog tonight
Not really a server first guild anymore are we now
thankyou for your input legs of quantum
Sick of raiding in the little leagues?

Need more healers to fortify our roster for 25man!

H Pally
R Druid
maybe an exceptional Mistweaver
Bump for H tsulong
Hi i hear you are in need of a resto druid, 502 ilvl 11/16H
Good luck with Sha.
02/22/2013 07:40 AMPosted by Legs
Hi i hear you are in need of a resto druid, 502 ilvl 11/16H

Sure are Legs, feel free to throw up an app :)

02/22/2013 04:36 PMPosted by Nephrenka
Good luck with Sha.

Thanks Neph :)
Sha prog woot
We have healers now! ^^

Time for a celebratory coffee >.>
Lf a solid Tank for 5.2
Tank please!
Bump for being able to stand in melee and avoid mechanics
Hi Guys,

I'm currently running a MW Monk main while maintaining disc priest and resto shaman alts. I'm looking to swap back to my disc priest for 5.2 and would be interested to discuss any positions you may have available.

I'm currently residing on Nagrand clearing only 16/16nm due to ongoing recruitment issues since the launch of MoP.

I've raided consistently since the start of Wrath as a healer and am now on the look out for a solid 10 or 25 man group for 5.2

more than happy to submit an application if you're interested and point me in the right direction.

Looking for a super duper tank for 5.2

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