[H] <CRIMSON> 11/14H SoO 25m Recruiting!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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5/12 Throne on the first night. Too bad trash took up half the night -_-
DURUMU Down. 7/12
Any chance you guys are looking for a hunter?
Always looking for high caliber raiders to strengthen our roster
LF Tanks. :D
Lei Shen Down
Pulling app, thanks for your time.
Need a solid tank! :D
I found this on page 2.. it should be on page 1. This additional post should help that.
H Jin'rokh taken care of
LFM Friends
hi 518 shadow priest in need of a home i also have 507 disc set 1/12 hm exp cleared 11/12 first week wipe constantly on heroic ji-kun at 25%. btag is imsohung#1220 if interested.
Heroic Horridon Down
Heroic Tortus Down
Still looking for a Protection paladin?
9/12 exp had issues with schedule and subscription missing out on kill shots but have progressed through them
Currently full on tanks at this point in time sorry
Bump for killing H Sha for funsies
Bump for Healer recruitment - Disc/Holy Priest, Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk priority.
Recruiting 2 healers :D

And also some other classes...

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