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miss you lot <3
We miss you too, and you have my number to text if you need things.
Hey, Sal.

We spoke earlier about a Pandaren syndicate idea. First off, do you know if a guild/concept exists on WrA? I'd hate to 'reinvent the wheel' if there is.

My idea revolves around a fish bait business, creating unique bait using...well...<nods his head towards the [insert humanoid type here] in the corner>.

I have little more than the idea at present. As far as RPing a Pandaren criminal type, I think it's plausible.

I'll keep an eye on this thread and try to get in touch in game.
Pandaren criminals are very much there. The Black Market in Veiled Stair is the prime example. They act very much like a Triad of sorts in lore.

As far as I know, there isn't a Pandaren specific crime guild, but it's a good idea.
My idea wouldn't hold a guild for long, it's too specific. I'm more interested to know if this would be something the Cartel could use often or infrequently in RP.

Edited for clarification
A story about the Blackmarket Cartel and what they have done for me, Lance Topsail.

Well, it was a number of months ago, back in the days when the Grey Legion was only a fine number of people, when I had first initiated my business as an alchemist. Through tireless farming of the herbs and plants necessary to make massive amounts of potions, I had reached the maximum level of skill I thought I would ever achieve for the next few years in the trade. Knowing this, I quickly began to experiment with Pandaren herbs and spices, discovering new ways to manipulate the chemical substances that lay deep within the leaves of the wildlife. I began to sell products that increased a person's ability in many things. Becoming more agile, perhaps stronger, or even smarter....yes, I sold it all, and people bought it. Oh did they buy...

But then one day I stumbled upon a diamond. And not just any diamond. A diamond that had the energies of the earth, perhaps even of my very soul, infused within its being. A fellow who had taught me many things about alchemy described to me the process in which to make this diamond. He gave the operation a name: Transmutation. I scurried to learn as much as I could about these transmutations, and found an entirely new market opening up. I began to make these primal diamonds and I sold them. I sold them all! I made masses upon masses of gold, more gold than I had ever seen! It was amazing, oh how it was so amazing...

But then one day.......things changed......

I walked with a fair amount of confidence into the Auction House and began to browse the goods. It was on that day that I found a stone, a stone I needed for my operations, to be terribly over priced. My heart sank, and you might as well say that it could have left my shoe, if I had a hole in my shoe. I simply couldn't afford to buy these stones for the price they were being sold at now, since I would lose so much money. I stared in disbelief for a many long moments, and then I was tapped on the shoulder.

"Pal, unless you're buyin'..... Beat it." A Goblin auctioneer sneered.

I walked out into the streets of Orgrimmar. I was ready to toss in the towel, being a non-expert business man at the time. (I'm still not an expert.) But then an idea popped into my head! It said "Wait a few days!" So I did. I came back a few days later to find that the stone was ...............................................................................

Still overpriced.

I walked outside and released a variety of swears from my mouth, but then I saw him. I saw him across the valley. He walked with such style, such....panache. A large top hat on his head, a cape fluttering in the wind, a Goblin obviously of fine tastes. While I cannot remember exactly how the introduction of myself to him went, I remember it was something along the lines of walking up to him and saying "Hey, I'm Lance."

Sals said he had heard of my group before, I think. The Legion, oh yeah, some group. Whatever. I asked him what he was all about. Oh, Trade Baron of the Blackmarket Cartel? Cool, cool.

I cut to the chase.

"Listen," I began, "The prices on the friggen' Auction House are killin' me, and if you're a Trade Baron, I'm hopin' you'll do business with me."

Perhaps he was drunk or just feeling in an overly generous mood on that day, but for some reason Sals looked at me, a faint twinkle in his eye, and said to me,

"Yeah, I got what you need."

Sals then sold me a whole number of ingredients that I needed for all kinds of my operations. Rare herbs, ores mined from the reaches of Pandaria. Even the gems that had been over priced. The best part for me was that they were fair prices, and for him, I bought in bulk. Sals saved my inspiration to do business as I was, and revived my ability to become rich by supplying me with these goods. Since then, I have bought many things to attest to my wealth. A nice top hat of my own, only because I wish to one day be on par with the Trade Baron, and a rocket flying machine that I use to parade around Orgrimmar and all of Azeroth.

Overall, I think it is safe to say that Sals and his Cartel saved me from becoming a deadbeat.

Thanks Sals!

((True story))
Unless that's a draenei waiting to be turned into fish chow, I'm going to crush you under my boot.

And then be really mad because I have fuzzy guts on my shoe, because you do know how much this -cost- me? DESIGNER, YO.
Nice story Lance, also Kurong I think that's an interesting idea you have and your character could probably find a place in the BMC, just don't go to Kal for your IC interview if you plan on telling your idea during it.
Wow, I love the way you tell that Lance, brings a tear to my eye, sniff.

But really, thanks for it. I appreciate it, made my day.

Kurong, sorry for misunderstanding, and ya, it's something we could use and work with, if you join or freelance rp with us.
Wonders if Salss would approve of me dancing on tables tops to earn gold for the guild
Also this is a shameless bump...we slipped to second page
I want to dance with you, Sand.

We can be dancing buddies.

All them sparkly dancers will be jealous of US.
want to dance with you, Sand.

We can be dancing buddies.

All them sparkly dancers will be jealous of US.

Why not ... be amazing fun
Yes. There will be no finer dancers-that-dance-on-tabletops than Heart & Sand of the CARTEL!
Just don't dance on a Flippable Table
Just don't dance on a Flippable Table

Heheheh I am sure the dazzling dance routine of Heart and Sand would be able to flip a few tables of their own
Snickers....gives a whole new meaning to exotic dancing...A Bloodelf and a Forsaken...can't get much more exotic then that....we could make the guild very rich
When we're rich from dancing like the awesome dancers we are, we can demand things like other rich people do.


What are we doing on page two?????
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