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Wyrmrest Accord
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The mists swirled as a mechano-hog sped along the rocky trail, leading upwards into the mountains. The Veiled Stair, a dangerous and treacherous place, and the exact place the Trade Baron had his meeting. He puffed on a large cigar, as mist and wind blew by.

Chang, an imposing and scarred Pandaren, stood impatiently with two other guards. The two flanking Exchange Guards wore the typical dark, wide brimmed fan hats, and leather armour. They carried the long shafted glaives, which added to their already fearsome appearance. Chang wore no hat, allowing the deep red scar that crossed his scowling face to appear visible. He narrowed his eyes to peer into the darkness, for night had fallen, and the distant roar of machinery grew louder by the seconds.

Salsbury brought the Hog to a stop just before Chang and his guard, and dismounted casually. He wore his typical top hat, his black and gold embroidered suit. Flicking ash from his cigar, he glanced around his surroundings, and clicked a button on his Hog, reverting it back into the keychain it was. Tucking it away, he strode forward towards the Pandaren.

"You're late." Growled Chang, staring at the diminutive goblin.

"Hey hey hey, I's made it here in record time. Damn lizards everywhere, youse know." Sals flicked more ash from his cigar, smirking at Chang. "Point is, we's here. Let's chat."

"Hrumpf, fine. Madam Goya would like to make it clear several items are to be delivered to the Exchange Guard on a -timely- manner, Baron. She would like to make sure all items will be genuine and accounted for. As such, if you try to send replicas or duplicates, We will know and we will make sure the next thing that goes up for Auction is your oh so elegant hat, since you won't have a head to use it anymore."

Sals studied the Pandaren carefully, grinning all the while. "Don't worry, those Mogu artifacts will land safely in your arms, have no fear." He spoke with a sly tone, his smirk growing larger. "In return, I's expect full payment, an' I's want it up front."

The two guards balked slightly, breaking their stoicism. Chang maintained his, staring darkly at the Trade Baron. After several tense moments, he nodded, and another set of guards came out from around a rocky corner, carrying a large chest. Sals watched it all coolly.

"Just remember, goblin. You have been warned."

"Hey, don't worry Pal, we're cousins, youse an' us. We'll take care o' each other."

Growling something in Pandaren, Chang and his guards disappeared silently into the night, just as two Hobgoblins and an orc wearing the black armour of the Blackmarket Cartel appeared, to haul off the chest. Salsbury didn't need to look inside. He knew how the Black Market and Exchange Guard worked. They'd keep their words. And their threats.
bumps, more shorts on the way!
You guys have any openings?
Why yes, we do. If I'm not online, which I should be tonight, contact Zunkryll, Selane, Kaltokk, Akanya, or any others who can easily get you started, :D.
This is Zunkryll's alt. Cho but the "O" is a special character made by holding ALT and hitting 148 on the numpad. You can shoot me a tell too. I'll add you to friends list to keep an eye out for ya.
The Blackmarket Cartel is currently in a phasing point as leadership has changed and we re-evaluate the guild's purpose. Any potential applicants that wish to join can either whisper me or an officer and we will try and get back to you ASAP.
came back after a long forced break to find that only 3 active members are left me inculded. I will not leave.
Well I'm not leaving either, but it is in a dieing state.
If you like akanya, I can help you with some stuff, it's sals btw. I've come back with new concepts. Anyways, I'd like to see the guild flourish, and if you're taking the reigns then I can advise if needed.

And hello.
Oi, what?! Sals is back? Neat!

I spotted this thread back on the first page after like 3 months and cheered. I was a bit skeptical, seeing as it was almost a fluke. However, it got the mysterious and ever changing Sals out in the open.

Hope everything is okay. <3

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