Identity Crisis 3/12 LF Healer For Perm Spot

We are currently 3/12 ToT(16/16 Tier 14, 8/8 HM Dragon Soul, 7/8 HM Firelands) and recruiting a skilled, geared (490+ Ilvl) and experienced Healer(Shaman/Monk Preferred). We will consider any skilled players regardless of class/ilvl. Logs are a plus. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 8-11 PM server. We are looking to push Heroic Progression in 5.2

You can contact me, Jazzeroth, Steffsteff or Benafflock in game.

Do you have any requirements for experience or ilvl? I am a 486 spriest with a 484 holy OS and would love to be who you are looking for. Hope to hear from you :)
If you are interested in trying out this week let me know. I sent you a calendar Invite in game to our raid. Also feel free to find me in game and we can talk more.

bump for ToT Recruiting
bump again
500ilvl top healer 498 frost mage and 495 feral kitty all looking for a guild to call home and progress in tot have 3/12 xp so far,

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