Orgrimmar needs some better RP spots!

Wyrmrest Accord
We got the Tail man, That's it! Stormwind and Ironforge is filled with large bars and empty houses, even the arena they got in 5.1 has a bar 3000x better then the tiny one we got. Blizz! Why you no love us?!
Get back in your jar!

*Goes to find a stick and leaf to make the habitat suitable.*
There are lots of places in Orgrimmar to RP that people don't even brother to notice....everyone just RP's in VOH around the tail.

There are several good fun places to RP in the Drag. I've had some nice RP get started in the Troll Village It really is a shame there isnt more RP in the Troll part of Orgrimmar.

The Lack of Warlock RP in the Cleft of Shadows is Disappointing...same with Deathknights. All you Deathknights are "Social Butterflys" and walk around in VoH and sit in the bars...

Your a Death shouldn't be should be brooding in the shadows somewhere....Do you even need to drink? Your undead...I doubt you can become drunk considing your organs dont function.....or function correctly.

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