<Foundation> Recruiting 1-2 dps/tank

Hello Garrosh,

<Foundation> aka <Last Attempt> aka <When in Rome> aka <Attica> is recruiting! We've recently downsized from a 25m to a 10m roster, and it looks like we've finally stabilized. Now that the dust has settled, it appears we need a dps or a tank, possibly 2.

We've managed to keep some of our better players, and our standards are no less than they were in the past. We are looking for experienced and skilled raiders who want to raid and can make the raid times.

New Raid Times! Tues-Thur 8-11, with the occasional Monday if there is interest.

If you are interested in joining up, feel free to fill out our very time consuming application. No better way to weed out the flakes than put them through this app! To get to the application, go to our website and click the "Apply Here" link. Just follow the instructions on the first two posts. http://wowfoundation.guildlaunch.com/

Thanks for your time, see you around!

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