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Moon Guard
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The towering form of the Highlord stood hunched over his wooden Council table, heavy eyes focusing on a dimly lit piece of parchment. He had hardly noticed the woman that now stood across from him enter, nor did he raise his head when he spoke. “Ambassador Lorik, you’ve my thanks for coming so swiftly.”
The Ambassador nodded her head, piercing eyes regarding the Highlord with curiosity. “What is it you require, my lord?”
There was a long pause, before he spoke again. He let forth a heavy sigh, metal-coated digits drumming along the oaken surface of the table. Eventually, he raised his head, glancing at her. “You know of my injuries, yes?” He continued after a decisive nod from the Ambassador. “They’ve..not healed, per say.” He sighed again, sitting down in the high-backed chair behind him. “I am no longer fit to lead the Crusade, Cassarian. Death circles around me, and I do not deign to let it take me. Nor do I deign to leave the order abandoned. If you are willing, I would see you rule in my place, as Regent of the Crusade.”
A thin brow raised in response to his request. It was not what she expected, to say the least. She had been expecting more work involving the various orders allied with the Crusade, not..this. She opened her mouth to speak, then closed it again, running what he had said through her mind many times. Joffrey took her silence as the best chance he’d receive to elaborate further. “Cassarian, I do not ask this lightly. You are the best hope for the future success of the Crusade. I would not have asked this of you if I did not think you would serve as well as I, if not better.” He spoke with occasional pauses, stopping to cough into a plated hand.
“I..”, she remained silent for a long while, before finally nodding. “Very well, Highlord. I accept. You’re dealing with all the damned paperwork this time, though.”

He offered a slight smile. “I’d not have it any other way. You’ve my thanks, Ambassador. Light bless you.” And with that he stood, giving a crisp salute, before once more returning his gaze to the parchment before him. He waited till he heard the decisive clank of the Council room door closing before beginning to cough once more. He managed a smirk. It seems, he thought, that he made a good decision.
Out of Character Information

<The Scarlet Hammer> is a roleplaying guild based upon the Scarlet Crusade, and its original ideals, before any sort of corruption. In this post and the next, I'll be listing ranks, rules, expectations, and so forth.

Website: scarlethammer.shivtr.com *Note: IC interview IS required!*
Level 30+ Requirement

Other Notes: Our ranking system is modeled after a Scarlet Crusade themed RP guild on Argent Dawn-EU, but with our own twist!

Contacts: Cassarian, Ailardan, Kieos, Ralînor, Variia, Rycherd and Naevius


The Initiate

After seeking out the Hammer, these individuals are tasked with a specific set of tasks to prove their loyalty and usefulness to the Crusade. Being the lowliest starting rank; the initiates have little authority and social standing. Once an initiate has decided what sort of training he or she would like, this individual addresses a Captain about what rank they'd like to obtain. The Captains duty then, is to assign the Initiate to a chosen mentor who will oversee their training until they are deemed worthy and ready to advance to the next rank.

The Footman

The Footman is the role of a fighting vindicator for the Hammer. They provide preservation for the rest of the Hammer, serving as a line force. A combatant comes in a multitude of forms, and are individuals who have recieved the right to bare the colours of the Crusade. The Footman take their orders from any commanding officer, and march headlong toward any foe who dares question the Light's word.

The Crusader

The Crusader is a devout and stalwart individual who has proven him or herself worthy to the Crusade. This combatant is an official member of the Crusade whos accomplishments and service has been widely recognized. These members serve as the backbone of any large military operation. They take their orders from any commanding officer, and are tasks with keeping all of the lower ranks in line, and teaching the initiates the methods of the Crusade.

The Evoker

The Evoker is among the deadliest of adherants in the Crusade. Often relying on their knowledge of the arcane, their magic is tempered with zeal and training in martial arms. Evokers often charge headlong into battle, obliterating their foes with incendiary magic, only to pick off the remaining survivors with enchanted weaponry.

The Elect

The Elect usually works alone, are the secret combatants of the Crusade.Their assignments usually require a certain degree of secrecy and include things such as infiltration, espionage, sabotage and in extreme cases, assassination. Elects use covert methods of waging war.

The Praetorian

The Praetorian is a veteran of the Crusade and have served in multiple campaigns. These individuals are relilable and serve as the last line of defense against a foe. As a result, their training is both demanding and thorough. They are extremely tough melee combatants; featuring tactical flexibility and brute strength. They are handpicked by the Grand Crusader and can only rise in the echelon by her word. They stand above the common forces.

The Captain

The Captain, the Grand Crusaders most trusted of the field who ensures the bulk forces of the Crusade are well trained, always prepared, and kept alive during campaigns. they are the men and women who devise tactics and schemes the future campaigns of the Lady's word. These individuals are handpicked by the Grand Crusader herself and serve as advisors in military and other matters that concern the Crusade.

The Inquisition

The Inquisition is comprised of a multitude of different individuals; ranging from former healers, such as Priests and Paladins, to Rogues seasoned in the art of secrecy. Inquisitors are given high authority within the Crusade. The Inquisition is tasked with transforming a broken individual into a loyal zealot of the Scarlet Crusade.

The Priesthood

The Priesthood is comprised of healers, teachers and brothers and sisters of the Light. These men and women are devoted and serve to aid their brethren both physically and spiritually in any way possible. These Priests are authorized to perform sacred rituals of religion, especially as a mediatory agent between humans and the Light. Priests will not only serve as religious figures, but also as practitioners of divine magic; which they use to both heal and protect allies, but also harm and weaken foes.

The Grand Crusader

The Grand Crusader is the undisputed fugleman of the Crusade. Everyone will follow any word of volition given by her. Entrusted by the Light with the responsibility of overseeing, preparing and moving troops as a whole to fight against any who would challenge the Light. Always in charge of the Crusades operations, she often travels with a garde of retinues; known as 'Honour Guards'.
Member and Officer Rules:
-No griefing of opposite faction; this includes, killing quest NPCs, griefing enemy cities, pulling packs of mobs onto people for the purpose of killing them, and/or stealing herbalism and mining nodes, as well as quest objectives.
-No use of language for the purpose of offending someones racial, sexual or religious orientation.
-We understand ERP does happen; please keep it out of public eye. When in doubt, take it to party chat or whispers.
-While in a public place, remember you are baring our guild tag beneath your name; set a good example for yourself, and the guild.
-Always be on your best behaviour; courteous, accepting, and patient of others. (Remember, not everyone is the same as YOU)
-Trolling, or griefing others on the forums, or in trade chat will NOT be tolerated.
-Keep all OOC chatter in Officer Chat, or Party chat.
-Treat others the way YOU would want to be treated.
-Corpse camping is not tolerated during RP-PvP events or otherwise; we will not have our guild known for poor etiquette or sportsmanship.
-Do not spam ANY channel; this includes trade, general or guild chat.
-Constructive criticism is encouraged in OOC in regards to roleplay; however respect their decision not to abide by your advice.
-You may not initiate and IC fight, without OOC permission.
-You may not misuse the Cathedral, the square, Tyr's Hand, or any place where people are role-playing by jumping around, or any usual OOC actions.
-There is absolutely no place for conflict in guild chat; please take it to whispers.
-Members of <The Scarlet Hammer> are disallowed from being abrasive on the public forums or in any way out-of-character. We refuse to participate in this nonsense.
-Drama threads are not to be posted on; however if you MUST, you will do so in a way that does not sully our guild tag. This does not mean get on an alt forum tag, this means disassociate yourself and all of your characters from the guild.

Officer Expectations:
-Officers must set an example for new and existing members to the guild. They must be the exemplars; exhibiting expected behaviours from all members.
-Officers must be active and participate when they are online.
-Officers must be available for all members of the guild, including other officers; for matters such as disciplinary issues, recruitment, etc etc.
-Officers must be active in recruitment, guild leveling, guild events, dungeons, raids, RP, etc. (Essentially anything the members may be interested in)
-Officers must not show favouritism to any specific member; this is including, but not limited to other officers AND the GM his/herself.
-ALL Officers must pull their weight in /all/ departments; including but not limited to: event planning, dungeon/raid organization, disciplinary infractions, guild leveling, application approval and IC interviews, and RP with other members.
News and Updates

-Reinstated the 'Uniform Policy' (Uniforms will be given to Initiates at the time of interview, you can find more information on uniforms per rank on our webpage.)

-New 'Merit System' (Merits will be awarded for exemplary behaviour and participation in events! Merits can be used for a multitude of different things. More information available on our website)

-Updated DM System (Details available on webpage)


-Scarlet Hammer seeks historian to chronicle guild events and campaigns! Whisper Cassarian for more details!
And because they choose Latin over English, exitus acta probat is Latin for the outcome justifies the deed.

I can honestly never see Aaron getting along with any of these guys. Once a Scarlet always a Scarlet. Though it looks like a solid guild structure and I wish you lot the best.
And because they choose Latin over English, exitus acta probat is Latin for the outcome justifies the deed.

I can honestly never see Aaron getting along with any of these guys. Once a Scarlet always a Scarlet. Though it looks like a solid guild structure and I wish you lot the best.

Latin sounds so much lovelier. Thank you for your kind wishes.
The sound of shifting plate armor and marching echoed across the misted Plaguelands, as a bedraggled convoy made its way towards the high walls of Tyr's Hand. A column of some twenty soldiers, some mounted, some on foot, moved along the road. They were a ragged sight; clad in piecemeal plate armor that was torn and scraped, armor that had born terrible, prolonged conflict . The faces of these men and women were worn and haggard; but each bore a look of fierce determination. And upon each and every individual, dirtied and sullied but evident nonetheless, was a tabard of white - a red flame stitched in the center.

The figure who road at the forefront of the column, however, was not so disheveled. Clad in hulking plate armor that, though gilded and ornate, bore the tell-tale signs of battle; sloping scars and pitted mars of war decorated the thrice-blessed plate, along with purity scriptures sealed in wax. Over this armor was worn a similar tabard, though the Scarlet Flame was outlined in gold; the markings of an Onslaught Officer. A tri-pronged shield hung from his side, and a thick, leaf-shaped blade lay sheathed in a scabard by his waist, but most striking of all was the helm - a golden thing cast in the shape of a mans face. It was a beautifully wrought piece, but there was no warmth to it. No humanity. It was as empty and soulless and cold as the frozen tundra, and the man who wore it seemed to exude an almost palpable aura of menace.

When they arrived before the great gates, Lord Naevius Bellorum raised an armored fist, and without a word the column halted; though bedraggled and worn, the discipline of these Crusaders was unquestionable. Slowly, that golden visage turned to look up at the walls, scanning for a sentry "Open the gates" He barked - a guttural, resonant command. A few moments passed, before the slow groan of wood and iron filled the air and gates were opened. Bellorum nodded and urged his steed forward, a sense of cold satisfaction stirring in him as the token force of Onslaught survivors filed in behind him. He had found many more in the north; the scattered remnants of the mighty legions that had marched on Icecrown. He had departed for Northrend some months ago, and had begun organizing and rebinding the scattered survivors. When they were ready, they would sail south to join him; and with the Crusade reunited at last, they would usher in a new era for this world. An era of progress and victory - an era of human reclamation.

Beneath that mask, his face twisted in a grim rictus. A smile. A new day was at hand; and it would dawn in crimson.
*gasp* Naevius has returned! The Hammer has been renewed!

Anyway, I know I left but I still love this guild to bits. How I miss the red!
c; It's good to be back. I still need to pick up MoP and a gametime card, which I'll get around to in the next couple of days.
01/07/2013 09:39 AMPosted by Naevius
c; It's good to be back. I still need to pick up MoP and a gametime card, which I'll get around to in the next couple of days.

What a heathen.
Bump for a fantastic Bulwark event!
I'm hiding a worgen in your guild.
01/07/2013 09:39 PMPosted by Vathir
I'm hiding a worgen in your guild.

Oh fantastic! It'll give us something to purge! :D
c; It's good to be back. I still need to pick up MoP and a gametime card, which I'll get around to in the next couple of days.

What a heathen.

Good to see you too, Elesabeth :P
If I roll a 20 tonight and am in the same group as Cass?

I'mma pull a Highcastle and calm her down. Shhh, shhh. Just pretend you never saw Dwaldin. Shhhh.
I miss you guys. Though I'm running my own guild now.
If I roll a 20 tonight and am in the same group as Cass?

I'mma pull a Highcastle and calm her down. Shhh, shhh. Just pretend you never saw Dwaldin. Shhhh.

ffff...Bellsa you ARE a damn harpy. Dwaldin was right.

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