Hey blizzard drop me a {fishing} line

I have been trying to get the sea turtle for ever. I have caught over 15000 fish/junk. Now my time hasn't been wasted because I do enjoy to fish but, I am starting to wonder if its bugged for me.

Each cast is 22sec long, In most cases you catch at or around 11sec. So take that 11sec and multiply that by 15000. Now divide that number by 60sec, then divide that by 60min and you will come to the reality that I did. I have spent 46 straight hours fishing and no sea turtle....

"And yes I am fishing in schools of fish for those that just want to assume ignorance is the cause"

Is this typical? Am I bugged? Is there some secret force keeping me from my destiny?
Bad luck
How come your casts are 22 seconds long? Mine are only 20. I know that doesn't help the situation but confused.

I did always think that you're cast times should decrease as you leveled up. Would give a good perk to those who actually level it.
Same issue for me, but with that Lucky Fishing Hat. Got the book early, think when this toon was in high 20s, but no hat. I do all three fishing dailies, but so far, nada, nothing, bupkis. And no, no damn turtle either.
You know to fish in the pools right?
01/08/2013 11:15 AMPosted by Jozie
You know to fish in the pools right?

He mentioned this in the first post. :)
OMG It has happened. The Mighty Sea Turtle has finally graced my bags with its presence. I can't believe it.

Some one do the math on this

15729 fish and things caught to get sea turtle

What was my {Sea Turtle} drop chance?
I'm over 15,000 fish caught and got the sea turtle about two weeks ago while fishing up Jewel Daino in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I don't think our numbers caught were unusual. We simply weren't one of the lucky few to catch it quickly. I've caught "Old Crafty" within 50 fish total on an alt and still haven't managed it on my main despite a number of hours trying.
Sometimes you are just that unlucky. I think I was around the same, if not higher, when I finally caught mine as well.
I caught mine during the grind for Seafood Magnifique in Cata. Since that's only 10k casts, my odds were apparently better than yours.

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