10-man guild Inconnu looking for DPS

Inconnu (on server Garona) is a dedicated guild of seasoned players with both an approachable raiding schedule for those with busy lives and experienced players from competitive content-pushing guilds. We look to do in two nights a week what other guilds do in three or sometimes even four nights a week.

While we take our progression seriously we don't take ourselves that way. We like to enjoy this game and the time we spend playing it with each other. You will need a thick skin to dirty jokes (often bad ones) as well as the ability to follow direction and a willingness to improve where there is need to do so.

Raiding Schedule
  • Tuesday 7:45 PM EST - 11:30 PM EST
  • Thursday 7:45 PM EST - 11:30 PM EST

Who We Are Looking For
  • 1 melee dps with a preference towards leather wearers
  • 2 ranged dps

If you are interested please visit our forums at inconnu.wowstead.com and create a post with your character name, spec, gear level, and what type of guild environment it is you are looking for.

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