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Guild Name: Sanctum of Dreams
Faction: Horde
Realm (US/EU): US
Realm Type: PvE
Realm Timezone: EST
Battlegroup: Stormstrike

Hello fellow WoW Players!

Are you looking for a new home for your beloved character? Are you a new player looking for a friendly place to start? Are you looking for a social and active guild? Are you looking for an actual sense of community, and not just a group of solo players dumped together to reap the benefit of guild perks? Well, look no further!

<Sanctum of Dreams> is a guild located on Turalyon-US-PvE that is looking for active and friendly players! Currently, we are one of the rare PvP-oriented guilds on Turalyon, but we now have a raiding component in our guild!

What are we looking for? We are looking for players who are friendly, helpful, motivated and consistent. We are looking for players of any skill level, as long as you are willing to improve!

These times are all in Eastern Standard Time.

Raid Times: "Lucid Assassins" Sunday & Monday, 10 PM - Midnight
"The Dream Team" Wednesday & Saturday, 9:15PM - 12:15AM


We are clearing MoP content! Lucid Assassins is 12/12 in ToT! The Dream Team is being restructured for 5.4!

Lucid Assassins

Raids run weekly every Sunday and Monday from 10pm-12am server time. They are 12/12 in ToT right now.

The Dream Team

The Dream Team is currently restructuring for SoO. Currently they need a tank (Any class but monk) and 2 DPS (Warlock, and a DPS who provides the Crit buff). If you want more information about the team, visit http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9882179205#1

Aside from Raiding and PvPing, we engage in a variety of activities. You can always find a group willing to run dungeons, scenarios, random battlegrounds, arena, engage in world PvP, or even level up a new toon. A lot of us are fans of transmog, so we frequently try to do old raids/dungeons for shiny gear. We hold monthly guild events with prizes including mounts and pets. We have an awesome year-long event we have running right now - called the Quest for Dreamer - that may interest fans of achievements.

Does Sanctum of Dreams sound like a potentially good home for you? Then visit cen.enjin.com and fill out an application! An officer will be sure to respond to your application within 24 hours! If you have any questions, feel free to whisper any of the guild management (Deathrag, Merthas, Stable, and Yourbhuddy) and they will be more than happy to chat with you!
Bump. This guild has a great community of helpful players and a friendly environment.
Bump for the best guild a shaman can ask for!
bump, was worth the server transfer to come to this awesome active guild
Hello everyone! Come check us out! Would love some more healers!
Come join us! An awesome, active guild awaits!
Come join SoD! We are now looking for people that are interested in leading RBG groups!
Hello fellow Turalyonians...Turalyoners...eh, whatever.

We're a fun group - come play with us! ^_~
Come join us! Original post has been updated with the RBG times!
Come join us! Spots are still open!
Update - we are now beginning to form a raid team slated to start two weeks from now! We're always looking for more friendly folks to join our merry band!
I support this guild. Lilybet and Abhorrere are sexy sexy people.
Come join us! New recruitment statement is up!
Come join our AWESOME guild! First raid happens this weekend!
Hello Turalyonians! Lots of friendly people here! Come say hello!
Times for raiding and RBGing have been added! Join us!
We're still recruiting!!
Healers - where are you???
I have two healers, but they are only 85 (I just picked up MoP last week). Do you have a preference on a priest or paladin? I need to figure out which I want to play in the Xpac anyway haha.
Still looking for nice, bright, and friendly players like you!

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