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Looking for awesome players like you guys! Come join!
At first Sanctum of Dreams seemed to be just like other guilds I had been in. The members were friendly and helpful and everything you expect of a solid group. Then one day, I got an achievement. That was when the craziness started. The celebration that followed was overwhelming.
Hi all! Could use more healers please!!

We are still looking for more members! Still have a need for PvE healers!!
We are still looking for more people! Come join us!
Is there any role in particular that SoD is recruiting for? I know there is need for healers. What about DPS or Tanks?

Also, the SoD Turntable is pretty amazing. It's worth joining just for the jams with DJ-Stable
We are mainly in need of Healers, but can always use more tanks or DPS
Bump for awesomeness
Bump! Still looking for more members!
Raid group could use another tank, heals and some dps.
are your raid times still set at Sun/Mon nights?
As of last week they were still Sun/Mon 10-12
Yes, still Sunday & Monday 10 PM-Midnight server (Eastern).
Come join our guild! Still doing raids and RBGs!
From the meeting, it sounds like we need mages, hunters, and healers for RBG's. I'm not exactly sure what the raiding side needs but I think they need a healer and mage as well.
Come join Join <Sanctum of Dreams> and access our exclusive guild hall! We’ve named it Orgimmar and it’s stocked with vendors, eye candy and a portal to pandaland to call our very own!
Come join our awesome guild!

Still looking for bright, friendly players such as yourself! Come check us out!

Still looking for more!! Would love to see some more heals and tanks.
Raid team is now 6/6 on Vaults! Well done guys.

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