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The Dream team is looking for a Warrior to fill in the final core raiding spot! Sign up on our forums if you are interested!
Monday night RBG team is looking for a Feral druid and either a Rshaman/RDruid heals.
Still looking for more people!
Still looking for members to come join!
The Dream Team currently needs a Boom, lock, or an Ele shaman! Go to our website if you are interested!

We are also still looking for PvPers! Come join our guild!
Bump! The Dream Team is currently looking for a healer (preferably Priest or Druid, but will accept anything).

We of course are still looking for anyone interested in RBGs!
Hello new folks!! Welcome to Turalyon!! If your interested in PvP and PvE we may be the guild for you! Check out our website at: cen.enjin.com

RBG day and time has been changed to Thursday & Sunday from 9:30PM to 11:30PM!
Still looking for more members!
Lucid Assassins are currently looking for a Holy/Retribution Paladin for a core raiding spot! You must be 500+ iLvL to apply for the spot. Please contact me, or visit cen.enjin.com to find out more information.

We are still looking for PvPers that can commit to Thursday & Sunday from 9:30-11:30 PM EST for RBGs! If you are interested, please visit our website!
We are currently looking for a Hunter and Lock for RBGs! Please be somewhat PvP geared!

Lucid Assassins is no longer looking for a Ret/Holy Pally for Raids.
I've been in this guild about 2 weeks now and it has been great. The people are friendly and active. Since joining I've raided ToT, done RBG's, had a lot of wins in the arena and even got to work on challenge mode dungeons. There are two 10 man raid teams doing ToT that each run 2 nights a week. The RBGs are 2 nights a week. If you aren't already running in one of those groups, there's almost always people grouping up for random BG's every evening. I can't speak to the recruiting needs of the guild but i am sure there's room for more skilled players who like to stay active. If you are looking for a fun guild to join, what are you waiting for?
still looking for more. Dream Team- recruiting for SoO 520 or near, know fights, need 2 tanks war/monk/pally, and Boomkin, Ele sham, rogue. message me ingame or realID airyatsu#1860. if u realID add me tell me why you are adding or i will ignore it.
The Dream Team is currently restructuring for 5.4

They need

-A Tank (Anything but a monk)
-2 DPS (A Warlock and 1 DPS that can provide a Critical Strike buff)

If you want more information about the team visit this thread http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/9882179205#1

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