Why is Fall of Deathwing hard to find?

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Queued up for the Fall of Deathwing raid. 2 hours later still waiting in stormwind throwing party grenades and flying backwards. Why are people just not doing it anymore?
Because this isn't cata anymore, they're leveling to 90.

If you want to see dragon soul just get a few 90s from trade and do normal mode.
Wait, people still queue for DS LFR?
my god, the horrors...
Fall of Deathwing? what is that? last boss I remember killing was the lichking
Because the loot you get in Dragon Soul is no better than loot you get in MoP dungeon runs, and running MoP dungeons is much easier/quicker. So most people won't bother with DS LFR runs anymore.

Even if you get a group together, it'll most likely be full of trolls and grief players who will wipe it on purpose because they know how long it took you to queue up for it. It's like hanging a "troll me" sign on yourself if you zone into a DS era LFR now.

If you just want to see the content, get to level 90 and the run it in normal mode with a group of level 90s. It'll be pretty easy if you're geared for level 90 LFR/heroic dungeon.

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