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Silly Hat Only located on Blackrock Horde is a casual 25 man raiding guild with core dps spots available immediately. Our raids times are 10:30 pm to 1:30 am West Coast (our server) time every Mon, Tues, and Wed.

Our progression is:

MV: full clear
HoF: 5/6 with empress on third phase
ToES: haven't entered it but are very optimistic about it once we have all spots filled

We are just getting back in the swing of things after a break during the holidays and look forward to filling our ranks with competent raiders again. To apply please visit our guild website at or for more information send a message to me (ahloris#1613) in game.

MV: full clear
HoF: full clear
ToES: start in there tonight and anticipate to have at least the first 2 down by tomorrow

the classes/specs we currently need most are as follows:

Balance druid
enhance shaman
windwalker monk
any spec warlock
any spec mage

could use a solid disc priest

A non paladin tank

MV: full clear
HoF: full clear
ToES: 2/4
destro lock 483 ilvl, perfect raid times for me, let me know if you are still looking for a lock.

all normal bosses cleared, tackling heroics starting next week.

Our Needs:

Balance druid
enhance shaman
windwalker monk

resto shaman

a non paladin tank

we are now 3/6H msv

We still need a Balance druid, mage, resto shaman, Spriest and non paladin tank to fill core raid spots. Please have 480ilvl min and knowledge of all fights on regular up to ToES.
We are now a 6/16 heroic 25 man guild

Our needs are:
Balance Druid
mistweaver monk

Please know all current regular mode fights and be 490+ilvl. You can apply at
Goodluck on the recruitment a word of advice edit main post people looking usually just look as far as first post and move on =) anyways good luck

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