One of my favorite RPG settings ever!

Wyrmrest Accord

I am so very excited right now! Cyberpunk2020 was one of the first and best RPGs I have ever played and now I'll get to try it in a new form! It was a very 1980's vision of a dark future and no doubt heavily influenced by the works of William Gibson. A grim world where corporate greed rules over mankind, where it has become fashionable to slice away your humanity for cybernetic augmentation and violence rules the streets. Cyborgs+Sex,drugs and rock n' roll.

I can't wait to play this game!
Oh nice, haven't come across one of those in a long time. I hope they do indeed take the time needed to pull it off properly. That is the main issue with MMOs and RPGs these days, they release before its actually ready.

Thanks for the heads up, I'll be sure to keep track of that one.
Is it an MMO? Doesn't say just from glancing at the site.

I hope not.
Is it an MMO? Doesn't say just from glancing at the site.

I hope not.

It isn't; this is CD Projekt, the guys behind The Witcher. It's single-player.
Guys behind Witcher huh? Good company, good values, good games, yeah I think I'll be giving this one a spin. Did you know they actively strive to keep DRM off their games because they know it annoys the players, even though it means their games can be pirated with ease? That's admirable in this day and age. Support it.
Plus I think the Witcher wasn't afraid of more mature themes! This is important in a setting like Cyberpunk. I wouldn't want to see such a dark and gritty setting watered down out of fear of offending soccer moms.
If you have some like minded people together, you should track down:

I have no idea how it plays now, since I haven't played it since the early 90's. But it was pretty fun then.

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