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Bellum Gero has moved Horde side! As most of you know, Alliance is dying a slow death here on Hyjal, and with several raiders having some real life stuff taking precedence, BG was unable to maintain enough raiders to continue raiding. So, here we are, having transferred Horde side, and opening up recruitment. We are actively seeking the following:

an off-tank, or a melee dps with a tank OS
2-3 dps, both ranged and melee
1 healer possibly (non-priest)

Raid times currently are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7.15-10. All times are server time (PST).

Even if you do not see your class or spec listed, feel free to apply at bellumgero.com anyway. Exceptional applicants are always welcome to apply and considered.

Bellum Gero is a large, friendly guild filled with people who enjoy all aspects of World of Warcraft, from raiding, to PVP, to heroics, to socializing with friends in guild chat. In Bellum Gero, we strive to not only succeed at high level and high performance raiding, but also to encourage people to interact well with others, build friendships, and have fun!

Past achievements include -


OS25 3D down before Ulduar's release.

Yogg-Saron and several other hard-modes down before Trial of the Crusader's release.

Heroic Faction Champions down before Icecrown Citadel's release.


Glory of the Ulduar Raider

Algalon Down

A tribute to Insanity

***Member Benefits***

EPGP loot system

Repairs provided for progression boss attempts

Flasks and Potions provided from guild bank for raiders
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It's been a bit up and down, due mainly to the fact that the recruiter (myself) has been away a lot due to some family issues. However, I'm back now, so let's get raiding!
Bump for finally getting back on the road!
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Me too! We should totally be friends.
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Current progression 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF. Still able to take on at least 1-2 players. Can look at any role, ie tank/heals/dps, as we have a great group of players with many people able to fill different roles, depending on raid composition. Message me in game for more info, or apply at www.bellumgero.com.
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Bump for a fellow used-to-be-Alliance-guild, and we downed Horridon tonight. Lust the ice trolls, rest of the fight is pretty simple. Good luck guys.

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