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Moon Guard
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"We started it, because we had no home. No family. It was foolish to think others also weren't in the same situation, so we made it open to anyone looking for a place and a people to call theirs. Now we find ourselves needing to protect it."
-Korithane Adderton, the first vanguard of the Blackmoon Sentinels

Quill took to parchment, scrawling the words out with determined purpose, only pausing so the pen's tip could be refreshed in the nearby inkwell. Samirex seemed oblivious to everything else around her as she worked in an almost single-minded manner. The wolf curled up at her feet flicked an ear in her direction every time the woman muttered to herself, and on occassion even huffed a reply or two.

Finally, she stopped. Samirex leaned back in her chair to stretch, one hand reaching up to scratch at her cheek. It left a smear of ink across her skin, but she ignored it as she took time to review her work.

Home. Clan. Family. These words bring to mind a sense of security, safety, and comfort. The desire to belong to something, in some way, is part of one's nature. What we belong to, the people that make up our family, our clan, our pack, contributes to one's personal identity. Blood does not a family make, for it is instead the bonds that one forms with another that truly creates such a relationship. It is often taken for granted, but this is a thing to be cherished and protected. To what ends would YOU go to do so?

The <Blackmoon Sentinels> was created for those that had nothing to call home or family. Its purpose was to provide such a thing in the event that one needed it, without concern for their history or the current going-ons in their lives. As with all things precious, the sense of community, of belonging and security, the right to not only live but THRIVE, must be defended against any and all that would see it destroyed.

It is for this reason that those within our ranks have been committed to the Alliance in this war.

There comes a time when even the most outspoken peace advocate must take up arms against a threat. "Hope for peace, and prepare for war" was one of many things our first vanguard said to me. Blackmoon needs those who are dedicated, for fickle men make poor warriors. Blackmoon needs not monsters, as those are the things our wrath is reserved for. Blackmoon requires those whose fury is tempered with compassion, who can find purpose both on and off the battlefield. Blackmoon needs more than just fighters. We need healers, teachers, craftsmen and holy men. Blackmoon survives only because of its clan, its family, its pack.

If you believe such a thing to be worthy, then Blackmoon needs YOU.

We are civilians, and we are soldiers. We are men and women and even children. We are human and elf, dwarf and gnome, draenei and worgen. We count ourselves as members of the Alliance, and that is where our loyalty lies. Glory and honor to the Alliance!

-Vanguard Samantha D. Redwell

Official Alliances
-Lineage of the Moon
-Knights of Menethil
took you long enough sami. sheeeesssh xD jk jk
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took you long enough sami. sheeeesssh xD jk jk

^my thought.

also, I'd totally be down to RP with you again, Sami.

<Blackmoon Sentinels> is a non-exclusive RP guild that participates in and even initiates PvP. We have participated in a couple of the most recent community RPPvP events on the server, we try to hold regular RP and PvP or PvE events for our guildmembers and our friends, and are gradually working to involve ourselves in the RP/RP-PvP community in both factions. We accept all races and classes, with a level requirement of 20+ for normal classes and 70+ for DKs.

Recruitment is open. Those interested in joining should contact us via our website, or contact Samirex, Kalaerin, Orchyd, Malothis, or any of our other members to set up an IC and OOC interview. We look forward to hearing from possible future members, or even other guilds who may be willing to have us along for one of their events!

BMS is level 25 as of 10/04/12.

*-*Blackmoon Rank Structure*-*
Vanguard - The guild leader(s). In charge of maintaining order within the guild, running the guild, ensuring events are organized and run properly, and maintaining communication with other leaders (both within and without Blackmoon, where applicable).

Centurion - Senior officers. These people are trusted to assist the GM in managing the guild, and lead Blackmoon if the GM is absent. These officers may focus on either the RP side of the guild, or the PvP/PvE side, but one will step in for the other if need be. One does not outrank the other. In the event of a dispute, the GM will settle it.

Sentinel - "Junior officers." These people assist the Centurions with tasks as needed. As it goes for the Centurions, some may focus on one aspect more than the other, but they are expected to be relatively active in both. No Sentinel outranks another, and in the event of a dispute, it is passed up the chain of command to be dealt with.

Guardian - Basic rank, earned after completing a number of Blackmoon's training events, which are held twice weekly to try and accomodate different schedules.

Recruit - Entry level rank. Everyone is promoted here from civilian. Additional promotions are determined based on how active and committed the member is.

OOC/Civilian - Mostly alts or OOC toons. Players and their characters who are gone for an extended period of time, and have given word to the GM, will be placed here with notes to avoid being removed from the roster.

Inactive - Players and their characters are placed here after a couple weeks of inactivity, if they haven't given word in some form. After three or more weeks, the characters are removed from the guild. Exceptions are given to people who get in touch with the Senior Officers and GM, and those individuals are kept at the Civilian rank. Real life happens, we understand. Deployments, pregnancies, schooling, it's understandable. RL>WoW is a big rule, but LET US KNOW.

*-*Blackmoon Leadership*-*
Vanguards: Samirex
Centurions: Orchyd, Kalaerin, Malothis, Eltheric
Sentinels: Jackidawkins, Sifr, Glarf

Others: Talondarke, Cyllan

Feel free to contact any of the above characters/alts for more information, RP, PvP, events, or just to chat it up!

Website: http://blackmoonsentinels.enjin.com

If you are applying to the guild through the website, please keep an eye on your messages there! That will be the first place I try to reach you. If that is inconvenient, send word to me in game via the mail system, and I will try to find you there instead!

You should wait next time.

You should wait next time.

I didn't. ;-;
sami is picking on tronei. we need vex to come stand in.
It's ok, I'll pick on both. I can multitask, afterall. >:]
01/14/2013 03:11 PMPosted by Samirex
It's ok, I'll pick on both. I can multitask, afterall. >:]

why are you my friend
Because I am a likeable person, and you enjoy my company.
01/14/2013 05:36 PMPosted by Samirex
Because I am a likeable person, and you enjoy my company.

Fair enough.
Greetings from the other side.

Wanted to let you know I just posted the section of Zero's story that I had originally intended for the writing contest BMS held recently. It's on fanfiction dot net under Games, Warcraft, Zerodigriz of Self. The chapter title is "Phoenix Fire." I think it's really too long to post here or even on the guild's website, but let me know what you think.
fun fun
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fun fun


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pengu the cashier.
It's so new yet so old
diablo 3 time awaits!

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