[ARPPvP]<Blackmoon Sentinels> Now in Surwich!

Moon Guard
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My mom showed me that Budweiser commercial for the superbowl, right?

Those damn onion cutting ninjas, man. THEY SNEAK UP ON YOU.
Here is a morning bump.

I get a couple days for a break before I jump back into more training. x_x Sleep, how I miss you.
training for what
My new job! I gotta pay for my hobbies somehow, afterall. XD

NEW VOICE CHAT IS GO. Info will be provided in the guild's info tab.
So it occurs to me that the laptop I travel with (so I can get my gaming fix) does not have Mumble on it.

I shall have to fix this.

Events this weekend to lead Blackmoon into the Kun-Lai RPPvP events! You all better show up and be prepared for pain! You know it's gonna happen. >:]
02/02/2013 09:53 PMPosted by Samirex
NEW VOICE CHAT IS GO. Info will be provided in the guild's info tab.

I'm in your guild I swear, but I can't read the info.
Sure you are, I see you log in all the time. :p

Those not part of the guild will be cleared by myself and the owner of the server.
Sami are you doing right these days?
We're doing well.
Good c:
I want to sweat in Sami's embrace...

I mean..

Hold up.

... Coron, what the hell did you just post? ROFL.

Was a long day of PowerPoint. Now I can go relax and stuff. Finally.
I know you are short Sami... but this shouldn't be in the back on the second page!

I'm in training all day, I can only get on during my lunch break. That's why I have you!

Besides, I've dragged your guild thread off the second and third page plenty of times. <3
Zuchen is going down in Chivalry 'soon'. MARK MY WORDS
Morning bump from class. Event tonight! Blackmoon's gonna kick some yaungol butt.

One week of training left. GLead-run events may be scheduled on different days, according to when my days off are. Look forward to some of our officers running their own!
bump hump
to many dang night elves in this thread mavei. THIS IS MY TURF!
Im actually surprised it didnt get deleted. Seems the thread deleting trolls like to hump.
I've noticed that certain threads are more heavily reported, and deleted, than others. It's actually kind of sad, and a bit disgusting. That's why I try to keep my posts above a certain word limit, and put something constructive in it.

Like my (admittedly lacking) story bumps, or guild and event updates. Y'all should do the same.

WHICH REMINDS ME. I shall try not to be late for tonight's event. Car is borked, so I have to ride the shuttle. Gotta get some admin stuff done before I finish training for the day. If it is delayed, it won't be by much!

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