Rated the transmog above you.

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Capped out last one.

Just got my bow and finished the set (and my nether ray and that arakou or w/e trinket). Epic day was epic.
You hardly look like a hunter, but I like. 10/10 for looking like a Human Paladin.
Aliandrin's xmog is awesome in it's simplicity
I have no idea what to make of you. 5/10 for being so jumbled.
01/14/2013 09:04 PMPosted by Ozai
I have no idea what to make of you. 5/10 for being so jumbled.

10 / 10 for good color blends and one of my favorite guns in the game. Not a fan of the eye patch look though.

As for me I tried to make something different so heres my theme : Undead theme with cryptstalker.Sort of like the NPC Nathanos Blightcaller. The 4 red eyes plus my toon's eyes plus vengeful shoulders make 8 eyes of a spider. The Owl is a bird of the night and darkness so Im rolling with a spirit beast owl as well as a bird tabard. I also use murder of crows and its looks awesome when attacking. Sometimes I use a brown scorpid pet and ride my scorpion mount.

I have my Blight Hawk vanity pet out and I ride the Headless Horseman's Mount. The gun is actually from AQ40. The spikes and woodish look made me think , while it is "bug" themed it could also pass for my undead theme with its coloring and spikes.
Overall it looks pretty good. I don't think the gun goes that well, though.
10/10 Asenvi. I usually don't like "drab" sets but you look like a total bad@$$.
9/10 Quirky, colorful, and unique!!

I was going for a Silvermoon Hunter look here. How did I do??

(I love mine !! :D)
10/10 Samarrah. The color scheme definitely works for a blood elf.
1/10 because you're a male night elf, srybrah
@ Gullig - I usually don't like the whole shaman on hunter mogs but that one works really well, nj. 9/10. (Maybe a tad harsh on the nelf, though. lol)

I know this isn't mogged, but I can't log in to switch to my pve gear :( Pass if you must, or flame/praise, w/e.
9/10 just for the crazy gear alone

me, i wish there was a color dye so i could make my helm match.
01/15/2013 10:20 AMPosted by Subrosian
Whenever I see the latest PVP gear on Pandaren, I can't help but think "Robin Hood got fat".

Hey now, Pandaren women have more bounce to the ounce...

@Kisakisa sorry didn't mean to steal your thunder. Your set looks badass, too bad there isn't a conform colors button. 9/10
ummm ur not really xmoggd but 5/10 with a curve L:D
Really wish they'd have matching boots/belt for the t6 set..
7/10, like the crossbow but I see the set a lot.
Shotsauce:9/10,that looks pretty awesome but that tabard is weird =P
I am a little bias since i hate that set on any race so.......2/10
^ that was to the panda
for the goblin I kinda like it and don't know why 7/10
there are.... T6 boots and belt?
I usually hate the t6 model just for the way it looks, but i will have to say i like the way it looks on a panda. so 8.5/10 very good job

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