Rated the transmog above you.

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Ta-dah! (Just need a new bow.)

@ Cowtippingg: 10/10. I like the set and I'm jealous of your crown!
Debating on going back to Black bow of the betrayer. Helm is usually on, but i cant log in and fix it right now. 8\10 for Cow, the red doesnt really go well with worgens.
Ghostsong, love the set. Before MoP, I never really saw anyone rock it and that bow, but now everyone seems to own it (which is why I tweaked my mog).

Still: 9/10 (The Illidari tabard goes great with it)

Here's me: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravenholdt/Saturn/simple

The eyes glow bright red and the shoulders emit electricity!
i like the concept, hate the look of the weapon, and dont really like mail armor on worgen. 6/10
I like it. I'm on the fence on the gun but it still looks good. 8/10

I know i started it but this is another mog i've got that really looks good now i think.
Not bad looking. Kudos for the Scarlet Crusade tabard too :)
01/15/2013 10:46 AMPosted by Triöna
there are.... T6 boots and belt?

For Gronnstalker? Yeppers. Got them on now. Normally I run with the Golden Bow from the twins, but Ive just been too lazy to remog it after I did some pvp using the gladiator chain T4 look alike.
Wish Gronnstalker sunwell tier pieces matched ._.
@Asria: 10/10 Biased since I have nostalgic memories of running MC.
4/10 nearly nothing Xmogged... and ur weapon dosnt match >.<
@Wuamay 10/10...nice matching of the colors, good blending even the weapons. Also I rarely see "green" sets so its fresh!

As for me, This is a repost, feel free to re rate me! I changed the gun out :P

As for me I tried to make something different so heres my theme : Undead theme with cryptstalker.Sort of like the NPC Nathanos Blightcaller. The 4 red eyes plus my toon's eyes plus vengeful shoulders make 8 eyes of a spider. The Owl is a bird of the night and darkness so Im rolling with a spirit beast owl as well as a bird tabard. I also use murder of crows and its looks awesome when attacking. Sometimes I use a brown scorpid pet and ride my scorpion mount.

I have my Blight Hawk vanity pet out and I ride the Headless Horseman's Mount depending on which pet im using. Im debating on whether I should find another weapon, cause I see a LOT of hunters using this gun :P
7/10 That set doesn't look too bad on worgen.. the bow doesn't match though.
hello baby......

8/10 for sure
10/10 - Reminds me of the Shinra in Final Fantasy VII

inb4 people hate on T14 gear

White T14 is where it's at! (even if it's not BIS)

hello baby......

8/10 for sure

Not really feeling the helm, the rest of the set is very paladin-y.
1/10 theres hardly any transmog going down here

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