Rated the transmog above you.

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Red red and more red

Red red and more red

7/10.. need better weapon

Red red and more red

7/10.. need better weapon

8/10 boots kill it

Matching, but not very original. 7/10
@Kanetsugu - a very fitting bow for a blood elf, 7/10.

Who ever rates me I realise half of my gear isn't tmog'd but that is because I'm trying to make this set work. Advice on a tabard would be appreciated <3
The tabard and monocle throw it off.
Not very original(a whole set) but still, for the efforts of gathering, I give you:
Good use of using mix match items for matching the color scheme but the bow and helm are killers for me.
9/10 good looking troll!
9/10 Skills. Those bones just don't have the right shade to match the rest of the set :P
Arkimus I find it pretty plain. I would add a tabard to spruce it up. Frankly any tabard will go with your tmog. But it all matches and its an alliance theme 7/10.
8/10 for the glasses alone Topcheez, 9/10 for the glasses along with matching bow!
8/10 for skills. nice match for eveything and maybe you could try the Emberhawk Crossbow that might be a good match for your set.
Wad Ya look like a steampunk minotaur, an easy 10/10.

Odd, my equiped shoulders arnt showing....
@ Runil
VERY minimalist....I'm diggin it 10/10, cause I know what those shoulders should be looking like.
9/10 real life hunter look
8/10 I love that set on a Orc Male. Looks good.


My sets not done yet, Still need the Ironhide chest piece...
Stupid sexy worgens.

9/10 I Very like the hard red versus the dark.


8/10 Not a fan of furry legs but still, everything matches well.

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