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I like it, the pants are a little dark compared to the rest and the bow goes great overall 9/10 simple and good looking.

I am still working on a better weapon to match. I like the old PvP set thou, so I thought id pay a little tribute
01/17/2013 09:02 AMPosted by Thanøs
8/10 some nice color matching going on, not sure how I feel about the bow but it does match color-wise at least.

Sadly i have all the raid bows from tbc to kung fang in mop and none match the set better than the bone bow due to being too colorful. Wish i could x mog my legendary.
Rating Goeszinya, giving advice to Zohl.

@Goeszinya - 7/10, A better matching cape and ranged weapon are a must! I also have a deep-seated dislike for the Black Bow of the Betrayer, I just don't like how it looks and don't personally understand why so many people use it. Then again, I'm using the Malefactor's Eyepatch, and tons of people feel the same way about IT.

@Zohl - Either Zod's Repeating Longbow or Njorndar Bone Bow have the same model, but a far more matching color scheme for the 'mog set you've picked out. I wish you luck getting them if you choose to go after them! :) (EDIT: The Zod's I linked is the non-heroic version, and the Njorndar Bone Bow is the heroic version to avoid confusion)
Beatrice, looks great. Nice color matching, and I'm glad to see some Naxx weapons show up once in a while. But I feel like your eyepatch detracts something from the overall, so for that I'm going with a 9/10.
01/17/2013 03:30 PMPosted by Zolid

8/10 Like the Greenish Gold scheme.
9/10 bad !@#, the whole set, I wish that gun would drop for me finally. I know mine is no good lol
@ Coreytrevor I like 8/10
sevrence, everything goes so nice together but the bow. rhok is amazing but that sets not it's best match

Aside from the helmet I was very fond of that set in wotlk, I'd hide the cloak, change the weapon to a darker looking bow, and look for a tabard that fit the mog though. 8/10
Raginbum: 7/10

I don't like the goggles.
@Anguhss 7/10

I think you could find a better bow to match that set.

Love the name though!
@Skills 8/10 - I like the blue! No better color if you ask me. I've tried to get that helm several times with no luck, I think it goes well.
Solid. Not really a fan of the kilt though
@Luol I love that set! It was my first Transmog set, but I could never get the gloves to drop :-(
Great set Skills...love that bow i am working on a set for it as well. 9/10
@Nilfhunter Like the colors and the bow.

8/10, Looks great :P! I never was a fan of that mask though.
10/10 Cryptstalker set is perfect. Most likely best set in the game..

My xmog, not really anything special, Engi goggles >all

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