[H] EFFIN MACH SPEED looking for Healer

When you mistake a Canadian speed limit for MPH, you're going EFFIN MACH SPEED!

EFFIN MACH SPEED is a core group of raiders from the desolate lands known as Fizzcrank and have played with each other since Wrath. We've decided to switch to a casual weekend evening format on a large server to appeal to the players out there who are interested in a more challenging raiding experience but don't have the time to join a more progression focused guild. Our group is experienced, laid-back and always ready to go out on a limb to help out any way they can. Gems, enchants, spec questions? No problem.

We are currently seeking one Healer for our 10-man core. We are a casual weekend group who raid Saturday & Sunday 7-11pm EST. We provide flasks, feasts and repairs to all members of the raid team. Our current progression is 12/12N Throne of Thunder.

Applicants will require a 510+ ilvl and be a Disc/Holy Priest, Mistweaver Monk, or a Restoration Shaman.

Survival Hunter
Elemental Shaman
Assassination Rogue
Frost Death Knight
Demonology Warlock

Blood Death Knight
Protection Warrior

Restoration Druid
Holy Paladin
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Welcome to Arthas! Best of luck in your recruitment efforts.
486 Feral Druid here that is a combo package with a 486 Spriest. We've been looking for weekend raids on a higher pop server than what we have.

Battletag Skiptomaloo#1174
Updated with current recruitment needs. Strength and Clothies are greatly in need due to not having anyone in these gear slots and being wasted on DE and offspecs.
Further updated with current recruitment needs. Trying to get a group formed up and good to go for 5.2
We still need an Elemental Shaman or Mage ready to go for 5.2, we're 15/16 normal.
bump for a great group of guys
Updated with current recruitment needs, looking for a cloth DPS 496ilvl. We're 4/12N ToT.
Update for June 27th. Looking for a 510+ ilvl Priest/Shaman/Monk healer. We're 12/12 looking to start heroics shortly and gearing towards 5.4.

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