NBK Looking for a spriest for core team!

Shattered Hand
Hello there not going to get all crazy with spam and what not but, NBK is looking for a reliable Spriest for our 10m raid team!

We raid Tues - Weds 9:50pm - 1am EST along with a sunday optional/clean up day

RBGs are Thurs - Saturday 9:50pm - 1am EST for the most part

Current progression: 6/12 Throne of Thunder

What we need from you: We need you to know your class as well as the challenges that lay ahead with similar experience this xpac along with a 490ilvl hopefully but skill always is greater than gear.

I like to consider us a very fun group and if you are interested check out http://nbk.dkpsystem.com/news.php read our rules and what not and drop an app.
Need that one special person!
Hola :) Just doing a quick check in

Bump for great peeps
Well thank you Echo for the support!!! Core 10m has filled back up THANK GOD!!!!

But I believe our RBG team maybe looking for people just maybe that is more Chiefbromdans department. Hit him up on that one.
Looking for them heals AGAIN!
I am back again for a hunter or Shaman dps!
Check out the website and apply today even if your class is not on the list we still probably could possibly maybe in just the slightest way, definitely need you.
Where are you Resto Shaman and mage????
Spriest would be nice now!

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