Holy Avenger, Should have a minor glyph

I think they should make a Minor glyph as a passive for Holy Avenger were it will make your weapon the Cleansed Ashbringer while you have the Holy Avenger Talent as an ability.

What are your thoughts on this idea?
Im all for having some more cosmetic glyphs. I dont really understand why 2 people have already said no. It wouldnt change anything in the game and if you didnt want it to use that graphic you wouldnt be forced into using the glyph.
Yeah don't see why they say no, maybe they're not Vanilla players cause i would of loved the corrupt version back in the day
Eh... one the one hand I think it would kinda take away the special-ness for anyone to wield the Ashbringer full-time just from a glyph, but on the other hand I want to wield the Ashbringer too, so... this gets my vote :)
Isn't part of the reason for the graphic to let other players know you've popped a burst CD?

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