Prot or Ret for soloing?

not sure on this one. I'm talking for more "difficult" instances like Ulduar or ICC, not Onyxia :)
Preferably both.

I haven't done Ulduar, but I have soloed ICC10 and a few bosses in ICC25. I don't think I'd have had the DPS to kill Festergut 10 before 10 stacks as Prot, nor to kill BQL before getting mind controlled since there's nobody to bite. On the other hand I found Saurfang too difficult as Ret; he hits too hard and heals too much, but Prot made both manageable. I don't know if LK would be survivable as ret, on 10 or 25.

If you must pick just one because you want to keep your Holy mainspec, I'd say Prot, especially if you want to do things on 25. You should be wearing DPS gear either way, though; tank gear is quite unnecessary.
makes sense. i need holy though and my off spec is prot atm. may just stick with that. thanks :)

that reminds me that ret heals are getting buffed I believe so must consider that
prot takes forever to kill anything, ret would probably be better

I dont think ulduar is solo friendly because of thorim, you could try though
Ulduar was a mix of both, though I can't do one boss in there. I gave up trying.

ICC First one I did prot and took a bit of time. 2nd boss I had to use ret to burst the mana shield. (I failed at gunship solo)

Onyxia 10m & 25m I use prot as it gives an easy fight in phase 2.
thanks. i'm just wondering because i need to pick an off spec and stick to it, lol. don't think my raid will let me have both. still not 100% what is best though. ravicana is right.. probably both.
There is a great deal of overlap between prot and ret gear, anyway, since prot wants haste and doesn't so much care for parry/dodge. You'll want DPS gear for soloing as prot, but few bosses (at least, that I've tried) have really been gear checks.

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