Running out of mana?

Lately in BGs i've been running out of mana as ret, I'm not healing or doing anything that you would expect to drain mana quickly but i can only last maybe a couple minutes in combat. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is this a problem for anyone else?
You must be doing something wrong. Really the only time i ever get low is if i am needing to heal up or heal someone else. Nothing else we use really takes any mana. What are the main spells you are using?
I've never even come close to running out of mana in a situation where Flash of Light wasn't being spammed.
The only thing I could imagine wasting your mana other than heals is it you keep swapping seals every two seconds or constantly spamming emancipate when its unnecessary. The only time I have ever had mana problems in BGs not caused by healing is when I played low level BGs before I got Sword of Light.
Thats true. If you keep buffing constantly it would do it.

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