My experiences with ret in BG's

I'm having lots of trouble preforming up to par with Ret to the point where I don't think Ret is viable option in pvp.

Here is my experiences to why:

Burn CD's rarely have full potential effect:
When I use all my CD's, I have good burst but 90% of the time I"m feared, cycloned, mind controlled or more likely warrior stunned. So the end result is my burst is doing nothing all.

Solution: Give some immunity for 6 seconds or better yet get rid of inquistion(worst pvp concept to have to manage imo) and provide more sustained higher dps.

Bloated Global Cooldowns:
Ret has way to many of these to be effective. I know all classes have GCD but for a melee class I dont know any other that has as much as Ret. Remove some of these GCD please

There are other issues but those are my top 2 I've seen since I've been pvp'ing as Ret. I'm still gearing up and learning the class so I wont assume I'm an expert so your comments are welcome.


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